Rząd zaostrzy nadzór nad portfelami Polaków. Nowy projekt lada dzień

The government will tighten supervision over Poles' wallets. New project any day now

Next week, the government will amend the act on the exchange of tax information with other countries. One idea involves imposing an obligation on digital platforms to provide information about sellers operating on them.

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister announced that next Tuesday the government will consider the draft act on the exchange of tax information with other countries and several other acts. The aim is, among other things, to increase the effectiveness of collecting a fair share of the tax burden from all taxpayers.

The government imposes a new obligation

In the amendment, the government proposes, among other things, imposing an obligation on digital platforms to report on sellers operating via these platforms. This means that websites will be obliged to inform Polish offices about people who sell on Allegro, OLX or Vinted.

Additionally, the government wants to build a mechanism for exchanging information about sellers between European Union member states, as well as improve cooperation between administrations, which will allow, among other things, to carry out joint inspections.

The regulations aim to intensify activities to combat tax fraud by eliminating the problem of limited financial reporting of income obtained via digital platforms.

– we read in the list of legislative works.

The change is said to be due to the insufficient effectiveness of cooperation between state administrations and the difficulties associated with obtaining information on sellers' income on digital platforms. The latter is intended to result in avoiding the obligation to pay tax in the country of residence.

According to the government, regulating these issues will allow obtaining tax revenues necessary to meet the financial needs of the state.

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