Rząd weźmie się za twojego pracodawcę. Nowe przepisy od 17 maja

The government will take care of your employer. New regulations from May 17

On May 17, regulations will enter into force, imposing new obligations on employers. They concern people working on laptops.

On November 17, new occupational health and safety regulations entered into force, requiring employers to adapt the workstations of people working on laptops. However, companies had up to 6 months to adapt to the new law. The deadline is May 17. What then must the employer provide?

New health and safety regulations and working on a laptop

We have already written about the new regulations several times on TELEPOLIS.PL, but the deadline by which employers must adapt to the new law is fast approaching. They show that every employee who spends at least half of his working time using a laptop must be provided with appropriate conditions. What does it mean?

First of all, the employer must provide either a separate monitor for the laptop or a stand for the portable computer. The regulations do not specify what exactly an employee must receive, but it must be one of these two things. The most important thing is that the computer screen is at eye level.

In addition, the employer must also provide a separate keyboard and mouse, and, if the employee wishes, a footrest. Finally, the regulations also define the requirements for an office chair. It must be equipped with a stand with wheels, adjustment that does not limit movement (including armrests), a contoured seat, and the ability to rotate.

The regulations regarding monitors, keyboards and desks have also changed. Screens no longer need to be equipped with special filters, because modern models are already equipped with them. The requirements regarding the height and width of the countertop have also been abolished. Now it must enable ergonomic arrangement of elements. Finally, the keyboard does not have to have an angle adjustment. Instead, it is intended to allow you to adopt a position that does not cause fatigue while working.

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