Rząd nie spełni zapowiedzi. Plan został opóźniony o 2 lata

The government will not fulfill the promises. The plan was delayed for 2 years

The government will not fulfill one of its promises. According to the words of the Minister of Digitization, Krzysztof Gawkowski, the plan has been postponed until 2026.

Already last year, Krzysztof Gawkowski, the current Minister of Digitization, announced the creation of the Cybersecurity Agency. The project was even included in the “Digital State” program prepared by the Left for last year's elections. However, it will not be implemented for now, reports Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Cybersecurity Agency only in 2026

The new government has been in office for about 3 months and it is already known that the plans to establish the Cybersecurity Agency will not be implemented, at least not in the next 2 years. This was confirmed by Krzysztof Gawkowski.

For the first 100 days, there was a huge inventory at the Ministry of Digitization. We now summarize this chapter and point to future directions. We want to accelerate legislation, we want to focus on artificial intelligence, digital hygiene and the development of digital competences. Increasing cybersecurity, the fight against disinformation and new digital services for citizens are also priorities.

– said the Minister of Digitization.

This does not mean that the government is giving up on this plan. For now, it has been postponed. The Cybersecurity Agency is to be eventually established, but only in 2026 at the earliest. Now the priority for the Ministry of Digitization are: electronic communications law, the national cybersecurity system and the implementation of EU regulations related to the Digital Services Act.

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