Rząd zwrócił się o pomoc do TSMC. Chodzi o energię elektryczną

The government turned to TSMC for help. It's about electricity

How scary is it… TSMC? A government-owned energy company asked the Taiwanese giant for support in the form of 200,000 kWh to help power a large city.

TSMC is the largest and most modern semiconductor manufacturer in the world. The lithography and processing capacity of the Taiwanese are used by such industry giants as: AMD, Apple, NVIDIA, Intel Whether Qualcomm. The company employs tens of thousands of employees and its revenues amount to several dozen billion dollars a year.

TSMC generators powered the city of Taoyuan with a population of 2 million

Therefore, no one should be surprised that, as a key player in the economy, it has close relations with the Taiwanese government, which is also the company's largest shareholder. But this time the state asked for help.

As reported by CCTE, state-owned Taipower asked for 200,000 kWh from TSMC backup diesel generators. The company did this voluntarily, without any contract. The energy was used to power the city Taoyuan located west of the country's capital, often called the suburbs of Taipei.

The problems of the government electricity supplier in Taiwan include both the effect of the strongest earthquake in 25 yearswhich damaged some of the infrastructure, but also the issue of rising temperatures due to the upcoming summer. TSMC's help came just in time, as Taoyuan suffered a two-hour power outage yesterday. Taipower emphasizes that TSMC's aid did not have a negative impact on semiconductor production.

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