Rząd szykuje operację "Beethoven". Chodzi o ASML

The government is preparing Operation Beethoven. It’s about ASML

Operation Beethoven aims to stop ASML in the country. The Dutch giant is dissatisfied with the changes and is considering foreign expansion.

ASML is a Dutch corporation specializing in the development and production of photolithography machines. We are talking about the best of the best equipment used by such giants on the semiconductor market as TSMC, Samsung, Intel and many others. The Dutch’s revenues in 2023 were staggering 27.6 billion euros.

ASML is afraid of changes in migration and tax policy

As reported by De Telegraaf, the Dutch government is working on it operation “Beethoven”, which aims to stop ASML in the country. The company reportedly has serious concerns about the Dutch tax climate and is considering overseas expansion as it looks to dramatically increase its processing capacity.

ASML intends to increase production capacity to 600 DUV lithography systems per year by 2025-2026, 90 EUV lithography machines by 2025-2026, and 20 High-NA EUV tools by 2027-2028.

The importance of ASML for the Netherlands is not only economic, but also strategic. ASML is the only manufacturer of Low-NA and High-NA EUV tools, which are crucial in the production of silicon wafers, including the latest processors, graphics cards, SoC systems and much more. It also holds the lion’s share of the DUV tool market.

The government is preparing Operation Beethoven.  It

A significant portion of ASML’s workforce (approximately 40%) consists of migrant workers. The company expressed concerns about the potential tightening of migration rules by the right-wing cabinet, which may make it difficult for it to hire new employees and further develop. Although the company’s business model can be considered flexible, it is important to note that only 7% of its employees are “flexible workers” and 93% are its own staff.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is personally involved in efforts to keep ASML in the country, pointing out how important it is for the Netherlands to ensure that most of the company’s operations and headquarters remain in the country. The decision to stay or move can have significant consequences for the Dutch economy.

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