Rząd narzucił Polakom nowy zakaz. Dotyka głównie posiadaczy smartfonów

The government imposed a new ban on Poles. It mainly affects smartphone owners

A draft regulation on issuing photography permits has appeared on the website of the Government Legislation Center. It specifies where taking photos will be prohibited.

The draft regulation primarily concerns the procedure and deadlines for issuing photography permits, but also specifies where taking photos will be prohibited. The list has been clarified and no longer applies to railway stations, hospitals or even veterinarians – reports Express Bydgoski.

Photography prohibited in Poland

The draft regulation introduces a ban on taking photos in facilities that are important for state security. This is the result of the amendment to the law passed in July last year, which tightens penalties for espionage. The thing is that the previous regulations were very imprecise, so they needed to be clarified.

Originally, the ban was to apply to many facilities, including: police buildings, border guard buildings, plants producing, renovating and storing weapons, as well as plants where research and development or construction work is carried out in the field of state security and defense needs. The list also included facilities of the Ministry of National Defense and secret services, as well as all those supervised by the Ministry of Justice, so in theory also courts and even the Cursed Soldiers Museum.

The regulations even cover facilities where nuclear materials, radioactive sources and waste are produced, used or stored. If this can be understood, it could be included not only hospitals, but even veterinarians and dental facilities that have X-ray machines.

Photography prohibited, new information board
A model of a new information board with a photography ban.

That is why the regulations have been clarified in the new amendment. Now the ban will apply wherever there is appropriate information in the form of a new board. Even a refreshed pattern has been developed. Replacing all the boards will cost about PLN 1 million, as there will be a total of about 25,000 of them throughout Poland.

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