The Game Pass in GeForce Now, here is the Netflix of the video game we were waiting for

On the sidelines of the Xbox Showcase, Microsoft announced a partnership with Nividia to offer PC Game Pass games on GeForce Now. Great news for gamers with an old computer.

Like every year, the month of June is an important time for players. The iconic video game show, E3, has been canceled several times and its existence is now threatened, but that does not prevent publishers from holding their own conferences over this same period.

Game Pass in GeForce Now

This Sunday, it was Microsoft who unsheathed its new products with a long two-hour conference during which the announcements followed one another. One of them, however, was more discreet, through a few lines of a blog article: a selection of Game Pass games will integrate GeForce Now.

Understand that not all games will be available. We should therefore see many games from Xbox Game Studios, but it is not said that you will be able to play all the third-party games on the service. However, this is excellent news on two counts.

Game Pass and GeForce Now solve their worries

Despite Nvidia’s efforts to offer new compatible games every week, the catalog of titles available on the (best) cloud gaming service is still quite limited. With this partnership, the chameleon brand therefore ensures games that are as resource-intensive as expected. We think in particular of City Skylines II, Flight Simulator 2024, Forza Motorsport and of course Starfield. Be careful though: the list of games concerned is not yet available.

For its part, the Game Pass offer suffers from a blind spot. If the service does offer cloud gaming, this only concerns the Xbox Series versions of the games. It is therefore impossible to play cloud gaming PC games with a keyboard and mouse (for the moment). If it’s not very serious for adventure games, it’s more annoying for FPS or strategy games.

The best subscription to play

Together, these two subscriptions therefore offer the best of video games in cloud gaming. Count 10 euros per month for the PC Game Pass and 10 euros more for the GeForce Now Priority subscription (there are two other subscriptions, including one free). For 20 euros, therefore, you have the possibility of playing excellent games on absolutely any platform, in very good quality (with the possibility of paying even more to go to 4K at 120 FPS).

Note that Microsoft may not have entered into a partnership out of altruism. By offering its games on another cloud gaming platform, the Redmond giant is showing its credentials for the takeover of Activision Blizzard King.

Here it is, the Netflix video game we’ve been waiting for!

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