The Galaxy S24 Ultra would be entitled to an even better 200 megapixel sensor

If the Galaxy S24 Ultra would be entitled to a main sensor with characteristics similar to that of the S23 Ultra, it would be entitled to some optimizations to set it apart.

Early next year, Samsung is expected to launch its new ultra high-end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Like every year, the device should particularly focus on photo performance with numerous sensors. According to information from leaker Ice Universe, the Korean manufacturer has decided to substantially improve its photo sensor.

Indeed, in a tweet published Friday September 1, Ice Universe indicates that the main camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be equipped with a photo sensor “optimized“.

Features similar to those of the S23 Ultra sensor

The main camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will use an HP2SX sensor with the same characteristics as the HP2: 200 Mpx, 1/1.3″, 0.6 μm. It looks like an optimized version of HP2“. According to its information, the sensor would have a definition of 200 million pixels, a format of 1/1.3 inch and photosites of 0.6 μm on a side. These are therefore identical characteristics to those of the Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor already used on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. As a reminder, this sensor allows you to operate a lossless x4 hybrid zoom with 12.5 megapixel shots, to capture very detailed 200 megapixel shots or, by default, to take brighter shots, with better dynamic range and little digital noise, by grouping 16 photosites together for 12.5 megapixel photos thanks to pixel binning.

For now, we still do not know how the Isocell HP2SX sensor expected on the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be optimized in relation to the HP2 sensor. For example, it could be more effective for burst mode, for video recording or for autofocus.

Remember that the Galaxy S24 Ultra should especially benefit from improvements to its sensor associated with the x3 zoom, capable of capturing lossless shots up to a x6 hybrid zoom. Samsung is reportedly working on a new 440-megapixel sensor, but it would not be expected before the Galaxy S25 Ultra, scheduled for early 2025.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra should be officially unveiled early next year, probably between January and March, like every year at Samsung.

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