the future sports ID.2 is revealed through a promising concept

A few months after unveiling its ID.2 all announcing an electric city car at less than 25,000 euros, Volkswagen is doing it again. The manufacturer is taking advantage of the Munich show to present its future sports version, in the form of a very promising concept.

After launching its ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID. Buzz, Volkswagen continues its path towards total electrification, while it unveiled its new ID.7 a few months ago, a rival to the Tesla Model 3. But the German manufacturer also wants to offer more affordable cars, recalling its DNA. After all, let’s not forget that his name means ” people’s car » across the Rhine.

This is how, last March, the firm unveiled with great fanfare its ID.2 all, a concept announcing a city car which will be located below 25,000 euros. The latter will hunt on the land of the future Renault 5 E-Tech, which could however cost a little more.

But like the diamond city car, which will be available in a sportier version badged Alpine and announced by a concept, the ID.2 will also be entitled to its variant stuffed with hormones. Information mentioned for the first time at the beginning of the year, confirmed half-heartedly in August. Indeed, the brand had registered a new logo dedicated to its electric range reminiscent of the original GTI emblem, but with a lightning bolt in place of the I. That was all it took to put a tip to the ears of enthusiasts, without the manufacturer confirming anything.

Then, a month later, it was finally during the IAA in Munich, where we were able to discover the BMW Neue Klasse concept, that the German firm put an end to the suspense. And for good reason, this is where Volkswagen unveiled its ID concept to the general public. GTI, which without saying it announces the future sports version, the ID.2. And which confirms the brand’s desire not to put sports cars in oblivion with massive electrification.

Design: a sporty city car as you wish

You will have noticed it by taking a look at this concept car, the lines are obviously taken from ID.2 all, even if the manufacturer in no way confirms that the latter prefigures a sporty version of the electric city car. However, it is very likely that this is the case, although this style study also undoubtedly announces the arrival of a whole sports range, which could ultimately replace the GTX emblem of the ID.4 and ID.5.

Unsurprisingly, this new arrival therefore takes up the codes of the GTI universe, which we remind you is the acronym for “Grand Touring à Injection”.

A term which is therefore no longer entirely appropriate, a bit like the name Turbo of the Porsche Taycan. But both have been preserved for their historical side. This ID. GTI is immediately recognizable by numerous specific elements bringing a touch of sportiness, such as new bumpers and side skirts.

Not to mention the redesigned grille as well as the widened wheel arches. All of this gives real dynamism to the car, which is also adorned at the rear with a roof spoiler. Finally, we note the arrival of a sportier rear diffuser and specific lights.

The car rests on 20-inch rims adopting a neo-retro design very successful and inspired by the GTI Pirelli of the Golf 1, while small touches of red complete the whole. We particularly notice the colored strip connecting the front lights together.

If the manufacturer wanted to optimize the aerodynamics of the car, it does not currently communicate its Cx (drag coefficient). We also like the little ones. easter eggs fun, including the inscription “ Shut trunk before flight »(close the take-off front trunk) under the rear spoiler.

Like the ID.2, the concept obviously displays very compact dimensions, with a length of 4.10 meters by 1.50 meters high and 1.84 meters wide. Enough to give it a stocky silhouette, which still imposes itself. Connoisseurs will also note the Diamond Silver Metallic color, which is actually carried over from the first generation Volkswagen Golf.

A beautiful tribute to the past, which proves that the manufacturer does not want to give up on it. And even if he categorically refuses to revive the Beetle in the form of an electric car.

An ultra-technological interior… but virtual

Unfortunately, the concept presented at the Munich show did not reveal its interior, which is only visible in the official images revealed by the manufacturer. And it’s a shame, because the latter promises to be very exciting. Rather conventional at first glance and if the sketches are to be believed, it is equipped witha large 12.9-inch touchscreenassociated with a 10.9-inch digital handset.

At the moment, we don’t really know what awaits us. But there is no doubt that the standard version will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and will offer easier handling than the rest of the range, although Volkswagen has suffered numerous criticisms on this subject.

We note the arrival of a brand new double-flat steering wheel, again to give a sportier style to this driving position. Everything looks very clean, both in terms of the dashboard and the center console. Note that USB-C ports are installed in this cabin, which is still virtual for the moment, as well as a 230 volt socket.

Extensive details that seem to prove to us that a series version should not be long in coming. The manufacturer also announces the presence of an augmented reality head-up display, already present on other models in the range.

Several driving modes will be offered, changing the car’s ambient lighting from white to red, while the screens will also change color. In GTI mode, theThe head-up display will project the circuit layout on which the driver is and his place on the starting grid, among other things.

He must then earn achievements, orGTI Achievements, like in video games. In addition, the seats are equipped with a heartbeat sensor, which makes the heartbeat visible on the backrest. A feature that should however probably not pass the production stage. Though…

Comfort is also essential aboard the electric sports car, which can accommodate up to five people thanks to its generous wheelbase of 2.60 meters. The trunk is displayed at 490 liters and can increase to 1,330 liters when the seat is folded down.

Additional storage of 50 liters is also available under the floor of the latter, in particular to store charging cables. However, we will still have to wait before being able to get behind the wheel of this very promising concept car.

Motorization, autonomy and recharging

For the moment, Volkswagen is not providing any official information on the engine of its ID concept. GTI, which should share many technical elements with the Cupra Urban Rebel, including its MEB platform. The latter is here available in its entry-level versionEntrancewhich is distinguished by the presence ofan engine at the front and not at the rear.

For the record, the manufacturer announced a power of 226 horses for the ID.2 all, and it will therefore be necessary to expect to discover at least 250, even 300 horsepower under the hood of this sporty version. But again, this is pure speculation, the German firm is still silent on this subject.

She points out, however, that the center of gravity will be very low, due to installing batteries under the floor. For the record, the standard version of the ID.2 will achieve 0 to 100 km/h in less than seven seconds, a time which should be even lower for the sports version.

Obviously, not a word either on the size of the battery, which should be that of 58 kWh of the ID.3 and be identical to that of the classic city car. The latter should be able to travel up to 450 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, which should be a little less for the GTI due to its greater power, and its consumption which will be just as much.

It will take approx. around twenty minutes to go from 10 to 80% on a fast terminal, even if we do not yet know the maximum power that the car will be able to absorb. This should be around 200 kW, while the city car will skip the 800 volt architecture unlike the Kia EV6 and other Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Volkswagen also mentions reduced weight, which should limit consumption, which has not yet been announced at the moment, while improving behavior. The manufacturer also promises comfortable running gearwhich we will not fail to verify in a future test if the production version sees the light of day.

Price and availability

If the ID. GTI is still at the concept stage, it is very likely that it will one day arrive in the brand’s showrooms. It could be done current 2025 or 2026, once the standard ID.2 is launched. It will then play on the same ground as the future Tesla Model 2 as well as the production version of the Alpine A290_ β concert unveiled a few months earlier.

What about its price? If the entry-level version of the city car should around 25,000 euros, the price of the GTI could be significantly higher, probably around 35, or even 40,000 euros. If the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros is kept as is, the car will still be eligible, but nothing is less certain since the government wants to tighten the screw.

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