the future is connected rings to replace bracelets and watches

Connected bracelets and watches have dominated the activity tracking industry for years, but a new player is emerging: connected rings. Discreet, stylish and loaded with technology, they could transform the way we monitor our health and our daily activities. Between the imminent arrival of giants like Samsung and the emergence of new players like Noise, Oura, Iris and Ultrahuman, the market for connected rings promises to be rich and diversified. Here is just one of the new products announced.

In the field of ” wearable devices “, often translated by ease by “connected objectswatches and bracelets are clearly the most widely used devices in the world. Glasses are also managing to take their share of the market. But the sector of connected rings is undoubtedly one of the most promising.

No wonder, then, that connected rings are making a strong comeback in the technological landscape, offering a new perspective on the monitoring of physical activities and health in general.

Different from the NFC rings that we have known in the past, since 2013 at least, these new wearables are positioned as real alternatives to bracelets and connected watches. Connected rings represent a significant evolution in terms of practicality and discretion.

Smaller, lighter and more aesthetic, they are an alternative to bracelets and watches as activity tracking devices. Samsung should also announce its own version in September during IFA 2023. The Noise Luna Smart Ring is one of the first examples of this major turning point, and it is only the beginning.

Noise Luna Smart Ring: simplicity and efficiency

Even before the arrival of Samsung on this market, Noise, a new brand in the field, has already announced the Luna Smart Ring. This ring, which is based on a minimalist design with a thin 3 millimeter titanium case, has only one striking design element on the front, making it an unobtrusive piece, but full of functions.

The Luna Smart Ring is intended to replace the traditional activity tracker. In addition to standard motion sensors, Noise also uses a heart rate sensor, an SpO2 sensor and a skin temperature sensor. Under special algorithms, more than 70 metrics are recorded, including sleep tracking and a health score ranging from 0 to 100. The latter is intended to give users a quick overview of their sleep status. and their physical form.

Without an integrated screen, the Luna Smart Ring must be paired with a smartphone to view the data collected. These can be viewed via the app.NoiseFitcompatible with Apple iPhone and Android smartphones.

In addition, the ring is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. Its battery, which lasts seven days, recharges in just 60 minutes.

We do not yet know its selling price. And clearly, it’s just the first in a long line of similar products to come. Indeed, Oura, with its Smart Ring range, Iris, and Ultrahuman, have already presented their own models of connected rings. And that’s just the beginning…

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