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The French brand Velomad changes its name and presents 2 new high-end electric bikes

The French brand of electric bikes Le Vélo Mad becomes Velomad. And she takes the opportunity to unveil two new models, the Urban and Sport Elite, which we were able to discover.

The electric bike market is becoming more and more mature and high-end, and this is reflected at Le Vélo Mad. This French brand based in Rouen was born in 2018, launching its first VAE L’Urbain and Le Sport. Then a second generation, with a more modern frame and some changes, followed in the fall of 2021. In the meantime, a Sport+ completed the range, with a mid-engine.

For this month of June, it’s a brand new step for Le Vélo Mad, which becomes Velomad. A change of name, but also of logo and colors, adorning the recent Parisian boutique in the 11th arrondissement. Is the three interlocking V logo an indicator of a third generation? Yes, and it is this one, named Elite that we discovered on the spot during the official presentation.

The Velomad Urban Elite, the intensive commuter in sight

As with previous models, this third generation of Velomad Elite comes in two electric bikes. One is the Urban Elite, the other the Sport Elite. And it’s not really a replacement, but a significant upgrade, giving rise to cohabitation with other VAE.

Velomad Urban Elite 2023

The Velomad Urban Elite is the most urban of this 2023 vintage. It has an open 6061 aluminum frame, with a very short wheelbase, a curved handlebar for a comfortable position, an adjustable stem and ergonomic handles.

The big news is the integration of Shimano components. It starts with the bottom bracket motor: the E6100, with a torque of 60 Nm, more than the rear motor of L’Urbain 2 (45 Nm). Everything is associated with a chain transmission and a Nexus Inter 8 rear hub.

This 8-speed range shows the bike’s orientation towards intensive commuting use, correlating with the 504 Wh battery, surpassing that of its predecessor’s 460 Wh. The official autonomy would go up to 180 km, a tad optimistic.

Equipped with mudguards, a kickstand and even a small Altran rear rack supporting 27 kg, the Velomad Urban Elite weighs 22 kg. It’s relatively contained, although the little brothers are around 18 kg. The brand completes its cycle with a Selle Royale more comfortable than the optional Brooks in brown leather, with a more accomplished style.

The Velomad Sport Elite, the duo’s off-roader

As its name does not indicate, the Velomad Sport Elite is not a road bike but the brand’s first electric VTC. It stands out with its high frame, and especially its Suntour suspension fork. The wheels also go to 29 inches, against 28 inches for the Urban (and 27.5 on the previous Sport).

It features Continental RaceKing off-road tires, while the Urban has smoother, profiled and narrower Contact Urban versions. The brakes are also from Shimano, 180mm diameter MT200s.

Velomad Sport Elite 2023

The straight handlebars are matched to a Selle Royale Essenza, but it’s the 11-speed Deore derailleur drivetrain that gives this Velomad Sport Elite its versatile look. The Shimano E6100 motor is identical, with its three levels of assistance and a removable single-color Steps screen in the center of the handlebar. This screen is not connected to an app, but the brand told us that a connectivity offer would arrive by the end of 2023, without specifying.

The new Velomad Elite available for pre-order, but at what price?

There remains the essential question of the tariff. The new Velomad Elite have been available since June 2, 2023 for pre-order, at a price of 3,190 euros. In terms of the brand, it would be cheaper than its rivals estimated at more than 3,500 euros. After some research, they come up against many rivals in this range.

We can mention the O2feel iSwan City Boost 7.1 (3,490 euros), a Winora Sirius iX10 (3,399 euros) or Giant Explorer E+ 1 (3,500 euros), where we can combine an engine, a transmission and components equivalents.

The introductory offer even includes a lock with an Abus Amal alarm. For the moment, only the matte black color is in the catalog, with however two sizes per model. The first deliveries of the Velomad Urban and Sport Elite should start at the end of June at best.

Note that production is no longer French, but Portuguese, in the RTE factory near Porto. This is to do away with the parts available at MFC, the one assembling the current L’Urbain and Le Sport, and production flexibility.

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