Pierwsza taka zmiana w Windowsie od czasów Visty

The first such change in Windows since Vista

Windows 11 has received an update. This is the first change of this type since Windows Vista.

The latest version of Windows 11, marked as Insider Preview Build 26040 (Canary channel), has undergone some changes. In fact, this applies not so much to the operating system itself, but to its installer. It has been refreshed for the first time since Vista.

New Windows installer

The new Windows 11 installer has undergone a small metamorphosis. It is now much more pleasing to the eye, more economical and lighter. It fits much better with current standards and the operating system itself. At the same time, Microsoft assures that users have no reason to worry. All previous functions remain in place. Only the appearance has changed.

All features will still be supported with a clean installation of Windows.

– writes Microsoft.

Windows 11 new installer

It may seem like a small thing, but for someone who frequently refreshes their computer and installs Windows many times, it is a big and probably long-awaited change. This can be seen in the reaction of NTDEV, which was very happy about the change and wrote on Twitter that it had become impossible.

The change is currently available in the test version of Windows. It will probably be available to ordinary users with the next major update. Perhaps it will be Windows 11 2H24 or Windows 12.