Pierwsze wideo w pełni ze sztucznej inteligencji - Sora OpenAI

The first film entirely generated by AI

The future is happening today. An innocent demo from a year ago, the March premiere of the OpenAI Sora tool – still riddled with flaws, and today we have a film from scratch generated by artificial intelligence.

OpenAI Sora will kill or wing cinema

I have maintained for a long time that, for me, the future of cinema will be telling a voice assistant: generate me the Matrix, but let Trinity be Swedish and the whole thing will be a musical comedy in the style of Bollywood. And pop, a movie generated in real time is playing, and if I like it, I say to the AI ​​- give me more, let's make it a series. Considering the pace of development of AI tools, the question is not “if”, but “when” I will get such a free video generator.

In mid-March, OpenAI showed its Sora tool. The company wrote then, not to be too strict, because it's a very early stage. A sample video generated from text looked like this:

Although you can actually see some limitations of the platform here, the technology demo is still jaw-dropping. However, it was only a demo.

OpenAI Sora – First Video

And finally we have it. The first video generated from scratch by AI. It's only a short film, but… see for yourself. Not even 2 weeks have passed since the premiere of the platform, not even a single day of shooting took place, and such a work was created:

So, next year we will be generating films and series instead of waiting for Netflix to finish filming something? I'm for it.

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