the first beta is available on the Galaxy S23

If there’s anything anyone can recognize, it’s that the launch of the first beta of One UI 6.0 was a bumpy one. Anyway, Samsung’s interface is finally here on the Galaxy S23. Enough to give a first glimpse of what it offers, under Android 14, but not for everyone.

A few days ago, Samsung released and then deleted a first preview of One UI 6.0. Subsequently, the company had even published the first beta of its interface, before immediately removing it. The mistakes are over: the first beta of One UI 6.0 is here. It’s the first Galaxy smartphone interface to run on Android 14, but not everyone can test it yet. Only users in the United States, Germany, and South Korea can join the beta program at this time.

One UI is getting Android 14: what does it change

In its press release, the manufacturer argues that this new version brings ” a comprehensive set of enhancements to Samsung apps and features, including a revamped design and more customizable options. One UI 6.0 also brings all the new features of Android 14.

One of the great strengths of Samsung’s interface is the modes and routines. You can change the appearance of the interface and its behavior (options activated or not such as Wi-Fi, location, dark mode, etc.) depending on the time of day, where you are, etc. . Now, these features allow you to set lock screens and customize them. A new widget has just appeared and will be very convenient for photographers: it allows you to pre-select a mode (portrait mode, macro, etc.) as well as a storage location (different folders can be defined).

The aesthetic changes brought by One UI 6.0

What we notice directly is the new default font on the interface, slightly modified. Samsung also says it has revised its keyboard emojis. A good thing, since they seemed quite old.

As for the sign that says ” fast , it has been reorganized and offers the most used features. The clock widget is also improved since it offers more customization options (colors, fonts).

Another handy change is that you no longer have to scroll all the way through the control center (the quick settings menu) to adjust the brightness. A single swipe down is all it takes to access the brightness slider. By the way, by swiping down from the upper right corner, we can access all the quick settings, in a single “ scroll » compared to two previously. The parameters have also been reorganized since we are now entitled to a section dedicated to the drums.

The camera application has also seen its copy, with a new design. For SamMobileImage and video settings, including resolution and filters, are now easier to spot and change. » Watermarks can be aligned and placed more easily.

To see the snapshots we have saved, go to the gallery application. She sees herself adding a new view displaying the ” stories (stories) created automatically by the smartphone. As for the image editor, its icons are larger and automatic quick action suggestions are now available. All transformation options are moved to a single menu.

Finally, the weather application has also been redesigned: it displays more information, such as the moon phases or the times of sunrise and sunset. Speaking of this app, new widgets have been added.

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