the films and series of the month of October 2023

New batch of films and series at Prime Video this October and the Halloween theme is inevitably present.

The month of October is already here and the SVoD platforms are making their announcements to detail the content that will be available and distilled over the coming weeks. After Netflix, it’s up to Prime Video to do its review with some very interesting films perfect for Halloween themes, including the two horrific masterpieces by Ari Aster that are Heredity and especially Midsommar.

Series added in October on Prime Video

Upload: season 3 (October 19)

The third season ofUpload will finally see the light of day in October 2023. Still between science fiction and romance, the plot promises to be more ambitious than ever with eight episodes which will teach us a little more about the abilities of the main protagonist, Nathan, of his love triangle and the consequences of Freeyond’s actions which could change the course of humanity.

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Bosch: Legacy season 2 (October 19)

Season 3 of Bosch: Legacy arrives this month on Prime Video, itself a spin-off of the series Bosch. We still follow the adventures and investigations in Los Angeles of detective Bosch played by Titus Welliver. Only six episodes for this second season are expected.

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Movies added in October on Prime Video

Midsommar (October 19)

Much more than just a horror thread, Midsommar, released in the summer of 2019, is more of a psychological horror or even a thriller. The film tells the story of the arrival of four students in a seemingly peaceful Swedish community, but their stay turns out to be nightmarish in many ways. A must-see movie for Halloween, although much of its plot takes place in broad daylight.

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Totally Killer (October 6)

New Prime production with Totally Killer, a film by Nahnatchka Khan which takes the form of a fairly pop slasher movie. The story tells of the return of the tutor “Sweet Sixteen” who in the plot had wreaked havoc 34 years earlier and with whom the main protagonist played by Kiernan Shipka will have to confront. We can’t wait to see what this return to the screen of horror as the 80s thought it will bring.

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The Burial (October 13)

Another new Prime production highlighted this month with The Burial, a film that takes the form of a legal drama based on real events that brings to life the triumphant success of Willie E. Gary. This lawyer is hired by the owner of a funeral home to save his family business from a behemoth while facing racial injustices. In the casting, we find a certain Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones.

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The complete list of series and films arriving at Prime Video in October

  • October 1st :
    • James Bond Collection (from Dr. No to Specter)
    • The pink Panther
    • Jigsaw
    • The crazy story of Max and Léon
    • Chicago Police Department (season 8)
    • Thesilenceofthelambs
    • Wargames (1983)
    • The Seven Mercenaries (1960)
    • and for a few more dollars
  • October 2:
  • October 3:
  • October 6:
  • October 10:
    • Strong: as strong as they are fragile
  • October 11:
  • October 13:
  • October 15:
  • October 19:
    • Upload (season 3)
    • The other Zoey
    • Bosch: Legacy (season 2)
  • October 25:
    • Baptiste Lecaplain: seeing people
  • October 28:

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