the features already planned by Meta to dethrone Twitter

Threads has already won 50 million users, but the application is still far from complete. In order not to lose the energy of its momentum, Meta must add functionalities to its new social network. That’s good, she has already planned additions: here they are.

Within a day, Threads gained over 50 million users worldwide. A feat obviously due to Instagram, very linked to the social network, as well as to the power of Meta. However, many features are missing from Threads, which can bring that little extra and convince Twitter users. However, Meta has planned everything and says it is working on functions that will arrive in the application. The objective is clear: add them as soon as possible.

For the moment, there has been no mention of availability in the European Union: because of the GDPR, Threads is not available in France. Fortunately, a few tricks allow access to the social network, even at home.

The subscription-based newsfeed

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, is very active on the launch of Threads. Responding to several threaders (the name is not official), he announces at the same time features to come on the application. The first is a newsfeed based on subscriptions and not by an algorithm.

Adam Mosseri is actually responding to an accusation from Elon Musk, who said on Twitter that ” A closed-source, algorithm-only system means that manipulation of the information people see is essentially undetectable. Without saying so, he actually blames Instagram. Its leader recalled on Threads that ” Both Instagram and Facebook have timeline feed options, so yes we’ll be adding one to Threads as well. »

Hashtags (from Twitter) are planned for Threads

It was Adam Mosseri again who indicated that the hashtags were ” on the list implied on the list of upcoming features coming to Threads. This is also a historical function of Twitter, which has made it famous, although less and less used at the blue bird.

What this could mainly allow at Threads is the possibility of being able to consult publications by theme. Right now, it’s almost impossible to do that: you either have to go to dedicated accounts, or pray that your news feed displays what you want.

Advertising will come to Threads, but not now

Adam Mosseri also replied to another Internet user by indicating that advertising was not a priority for the moment on the side of Meta. He writes : ” we need to make sure this is an app people want to keep using before we worry about making money… »

Presumably Meta has the cash to afford this, at least for a while. However, it remains a for-profit company and will have to add advertising at some point. Just cross our fingers that it’s not too intrusive.

The web version of Meta’s new social network is in preparation

Another feature that we would all like to have: an easily accessible web version. If for the moment, you have to install the Threads APK on Windows 11 or use the Arc browser on macOS, there is no official way to use the social network on a computer. You can actually access profiles and posts, but you can’t log in.

Adam Mosseri wanted to be reassuring, saying that a web version of Threads was well planned. However, he clarified that the priority was the mobile app. Logically, the latter should receive important updates before Threads is fully available on browser.

The ability to delete your Theads account without having to delete your Instagram account

There are things you need to know before signing up for Threads. Including the fact that any Threads account is linked to an Instagram account. If you decide to delete your Threads account, you will need to delete your Instagram account.

Faced with criticism from Internet users, Adam Mosseri wanted to clarify this point: “ you can deactivate your Threads account, which hides your Threads profile and content, you can set your profile to private, and you can delete individual Threads posts — all without deleting your Instagram account. Threads is operated by Instagram, so it’s one account for now, but we’re working on a way to delete your Threads account separately. »

By reading this, we understand that deactivating the Threads account amounts to making it completely invisible. The only interest in wanting to delete his Threads account is apparently to delete his data from Meta’s servers. The latter is also known to collect and exploit a lot of data.

Private messages will arrive on Threads

Adam Mosseri acknowledges this, “ there are loads of essential things missing: search, hashtags, graphics synchronization, Fediverse support, messaging maybe… »

On private messages, it’s even possible that Threads will take over Instagram’s messaging and the two will be linked. This would fit into the logic of a merger of the different Meta messaging systems: Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. planned for a long time.

A real search is planned

As for search, it is also an important element of Twitter: thanks to the ” boolean operators (which are search parameters), you can more or less search for everything on the social network. Convenient to find an old tweet from a personality, an old joke, but also for information purposes.

For the moment, there is a search function on Threads, but it only allows you to find accounts on the social network. Unable to find a post.

The Fediverse: How Threads Will Connect to Mastodon and Others

Finally, there is the fediverse support “. It is a network of independent servers connected to each other. They can communicate through different protocols. This allows social networks to communicate with each other.

In the idea, we will be able to consult and respond to Threads publications from Mastodon and vice versa. If technically it is not yet possible, Meta has declared from the beginning that it wants to do so, in order to participate in this decentralized network of social networks.

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