Znany aktor potwierdził udział w Avengers 5

The famous actor confirmed his participation in Avengers 5

One of the actors confirmed his participation in the film Avengers 5. The superhero he plays will definitely appear in the production.

The recent turmoil at Marvel means we still don’t know what exactly Avengers 5 will be about. Originally, the superhero team was supposed to face Kang, but Jonathan Majors, who played him, was fired after being found guilty of assaulting his ex-partner. We also don’t know what heroes will face the new challenge, but one of them will definitely appear in the new team.

The actor confirms his participation in Avenegrs 5

Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been playing Doctor Strange for several years, was left speechless. In an interview with Still Watching Netflix, he admitted that he will take part in the film Avnegers 5. Thus, we know that the archmage will appear in the film as one of the members of the superhero team.

I can’t wait to get on set for The Avengers next year, which is going to be a big hit.

– said Benedict Cumberbatch.

The above statement also reveals that filming will start next year. This means that Disney still has some time to get over the mess that followed the firing of Jonathan Majors.

Rumors suggest that the superheroes’ opponent will not be Kang (even played by a different actor). Instead, Marvel is going to choose another, well-known villain in the form of Dr. Doomwho is best known for fighting the Fantastic Four.

Avengers 5 is scheduled to debut on May 1, 2026. The release date does not seem to be in danger.

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