Zasilacz EVGA spalił 22 TB dysków w komputerze i to z winy producenta

The EVGA power supply burned 22 TB of disks in the computer and it was the manufacturer's fault

EVGA made a big mistake. Its power supply burned 22 TB drives on a customer's computer. It's all the producer's fault.

The situation is very unusual. It was described on Reddit by a user nicknamed sgircys. He bought an EVGA power supply, but quickly realized that it had a problem with squeaking coils. He contacted the manufacturer, who sent him a new copy. Then the problems started.

The EVGA power supply burned 22 TB of drives

The company did the right thing and sent the man a new power supply. In theory, it was the same model, but in a newer revision with an updated pin layout. Well, that turned out to be the main problem. Although the manufacturer sent a new power supply, it did not include new cables. An unaware sgircys connected a fresh copy using the previous cables and a tragedy occurred.

The computer wouldn't turn on. It only started after disconnecting all SATA drives. Only then did the manufacturer send cables adapted to the new revision of the power supply. However, it was too late.

A different pin arrangement on the power supply, combined with older cables with yet another layout, caused the disks in the computer to fry. In total, media with a total capacity of 22 TB were lost. Why so many? Because it was the computer that sgircys used for work. All SATA drives connected to it burned. What's worse, the company refused to buy the media.

I've never seen a warranty that offered to cover data loss or recovery costs, and as per the letter of our warranty terms, we technically don't cover any loss or damage incurred by our products either.

– wrote an EVGA representative in an email response.

The situation is very unusual and it is difficult to blame the user himself, who was not informed that he was receiving a new revision of the power supply. He only found out about it later, when it was too late. It is also a pity that the company does not take responsibility, because although it is not in accordance with the warranty, in this situation it would be worth buying these drives.

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