Unia bierze się za kierowców. Pójdą na okres próbny

The EU takes care of drivers. They will go on probation

The European Parliament has passed new regulations that mean huge changes for drivers. They introduce new obligations and penalties.

The European Parliament has adopted new rules for drivers. These mean huge changes for all driving license holders. The EU’s goal is to reduce the number of road casualties, as there are still as many as 20,000. during the year – reports Dziennik.pl. What exactly will change?

New regulations for drivers

The most important issue concerns the validity of the driving license. Category A and B licenses will be issued for 15 years. Bus and truck drivers will receive a document for 5 years. After this time, you will need to obtain a new driving license, which may also involve additional obligations.

Initially, the EU wanted to introduce mandatory tests for drivers from the age of 70. Ultimately, this was abandoned, which does not mean that such a requirement will not be introduced. When obtaining a new driving license, each driver must determine his or her own health condition, while the EU allows member states to introduce their own, stricter regulations in this regard. Therefore, everything depends on the decision of the Polish government, which may introduce mandatory periodic tests for drivers.

A lot will also change for young drivers. After obtaining the right to drive a car or motorcycle, they will be subject to a 2-year trial period. During this time, they will be subject to a stricter blood alcohol limit and will also face stiffer penalties for violating the regulations.

People who habitually exceed the speed limit in built-up areas also have reasons to worry. In Poland, there has long been a regulation according to which driving more than 50 km/h too fast results in the loss of driving license. The European Union wants to make this regulation even more stringent and revoke the driving license after exceeding the speed limit by as little as 30 km/h. Moreover, in such a case, the ban will automatically apply in all member states, not only in the one where the offense occurred.

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