The EU introduces new law.  It's about electrics

The EU introduces new law. It’s about electrics

The European Union is introducing a new law that will make life easier for owners of electric cars.

European Union has been pushing for a switch from petrol cars to electric cars for years. However, the problem is not only the price of electric cars, but also many inconvenient solutions, especially regarding charging. Not only do machines need to be loaded frequently, and the process itself is quite long, but also… payments have so far been difficult. The European Union wants to put an end to the latter.

The EU is introducing a new law on payments at charging stations

More and more electric car charging stations are being built across Europe. Unfortunately, they often lack a payment terminal, and the only form of payment is to download the manufacturer’s application and pay the fee through it. Which is why The European Union has decided to introduce new regulationsknown as AFIR.

The new law is binding manufacturers and owners of charging stations electric cars to enable their customers to make payments freely. What follows is that they will be equipped with payment terminals.

Moreover, those stations that already exist will also have to adapt. The regulation will apply to all existing charging points with a power exceeding 50 kW. Companies responsible for chargers have been given until the end of 2026 to adapt to the regulations, which will enter into force on April 13.

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