The end of the green sticker is programmed

It’s a revolution, in its own way, for French drivers: the green sticker, this tangible proof of car insurance that adorns the windshield of our cars, will soon disappear. Indeed, from April 1, 2024, this little label will no longer be. But what is the reason for this change?

It all started in 2019 when the police and gendarmes were granted access to the file of insured vehicles (FVA). Thanks to this system, in a few seconds, they can check whether a vehicle is insured or not. In this context, the green vignette is no more than a vestige of a bygone era, a now redundant formality.

The FVA, or file of insured vehicles, was introduced in 2016. It is a dematerialized database that insurance companies feed. They are required to include specific information such as the registration of the vehicle, the name of the insurer, the contract number and the period of validity, and this, within 72 hours after subscription or termination. motor vehicle liability coverage.

The disappearance of the green sticker, beyond the administrative simplicity it implies for motorists, also means a reduction in the risk of a fine. Indeed, until now, the absence or non-presentation of this sticker during an inspection resulted in a fine of 35 euros. A sanction which will therefore no longer be necessary.

Another important consideration regarding green card removal is the economic and environmental impact. Indeed, by no longer printing, packaging and sending this card, an estimated saving of around 60 million euros per year could be achieved. From an environmental point of view, this represents an emission reduction of 1,237 tons of CO2. The online insurer Leocare also highlights another major advantage: the fight against fraud. According to their estimates, this fraud alone represents 10% of the total cost of insurance. Dematerialization, in addition to its economic and ecological advantages, is therefore also part of a process of securing and optimizing the insurance market.

Digitization and modernity

That’s not the only innovation on the horizon for drivers. Digitization is gaining ground, and the driver’s license is no exception. Soon, it will be possible to have a digital version of the driving license on your smartphone. In the event of a traffic check, all you have to do is present your phone to the police.

This system also offers other advantages: easier updating, less risk of loss, and constant accessibility. However, for the more traditional or for those who prefer to have physical proof, the paper version of the driving license will remain available.

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