The dominance of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market in figures

Apple and Samsung continue to chart their course, deeply carving their imprints in the sales rankings.

In the second quarter of 2023, Apple and Samsung retained their unwavering hold on the global smartphone market, according to figures revealed by Counterpoint. With the first four places held by the different iPhone models – from the 14 Pro Max to the 13 – and the next six undoubtedly occupied by various devices from the Samsung galaxy, including the A14, the S23 Ultra and the A54, these two behemoths seem unwavering in their position. However, the market remains in slight contraction, as evidenced by the 8% drop in global smartphone turnover.

Apple, despite a small drop in the ranking, managed to maintain its market share in double digits. By detailing further, we note an increase YoY (Year over Yearyear after year) of the market share of basic iPhone models (14/13) in North America and Europe, as well as an increase in the iPhone Pro model in the second quarter of 2023, marking a notable rise in both Asia and ‘in Europe.

On the other hand, Samsung stood out for the excellent performance of its A series in Asia and Latin America, which regions combined nearly 60% of the 10 best sales of smartphones in the series for the quarter considered. Furthermore, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Korean titan’s only ultra-premium product in the top 10, enjoys remarkable popularity in North America and Western Europe, together accounting for around two-thirds of its overall sales.

Profitability in the face of range diversification

Apple, despite the overall reduction in market revenue, has not only maintained its leadership in global smartphone revenue and operating profit, but has also expanded its grip. Published data indicates that Apple captured 45% of global smartphone revenues in the second quarter of this year, up almost 3% from the same period last year. On the other hand, the Apple brand achieved 85% of global smartphone operating profits, setting a quarterly record and illustrating exceptional mastery in terms of profitability and maintaining profit margins.

Towards a questioning of the duopoly?

While the figures revealed paint a clear picture of the dominance of Apple and Samsung, the decline of the market and the change in consumption habits raise the question of the sustainability of this duopoly. The opportunities for emerging brands, particularly from the Asian market, to find their way among these two titans cannot be overlooked. However, any serious challenge to the status quo would require an astute combination of pricing strategy, product innovation and a keen understanding of market developments and consumer expectations, which remains a significant challenge to overcome. Especially since groups, like Oppo, have caught their feet in strategic markets, including the French and German market.

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