the discreet option to preserve your battery even more

Without detailing it much, Apple presented a new battery optimization function for the iPhone 15. An option that goes a little further than simply limiting charging to 80%.

Although the iPhone 15s have just a little better battery life than the iPhone 14s, Apple thought of integrating a new function to preserve battery life a little more.

The new battery setting exclusive to iPhone 15

Unfortunately, this discreet novelty is only available on the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. There is a charging optimization setting since iOS 13, allowing you to limit the battery charge to 80%. This parameter is accessible in the “Battery“, Then “Battery health and charging“, Then “Charging optimization“.

However, the new function goes a little further. It still limits the load to 80%, but does not reach this percentage straight away. In fact, the iPhone 15 learns its user’s charging habits by ensuring that it reaches 80% when the user unplugs their device. It seems impossible to adjust this parameter to slow down the charge, but without limiting it to 80%. To take advantage of it, simply select “Optimized battery charging» among the three parameters.

Other details of its iPhone 15 battery to consult

In the sub-parameter “About» of the section «General» parameters, we can have other information about the battery, as reported by journalist Ray Wong on. If it could be accessed using a third-party tool, it was not present in the settings. In addition, it seems that they are only available on the iPhone 15.

We can thus consult the date of manufacture of the battery, but also the date of first use. But the most important information displayed is undoubtedly that of the charge cycle counter. Each cycle corresponds to 100% battery charge, which can be separated into two 50% recharge sessions. By taking this figure in relation to the degradation of the battery, this will allow you to know if the battery does not last over time.

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