Czesi nęcą graczy. Nadciąga Kingdom Come Deliverance 2?

The Czechs are baiting players. Is Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 coming?

It seems that six years after the premiere, we will finally see the second part of Kingdom Come Deliverance. The creators are preparing a stream announcing the new game.

It must be admitted that recent years have been full of good games from various genres. Both computer gamers and console fans have nothing to complain about. From time to time even such gems appear as: Baldur's Gate 3which bought the hearts of millions of players from around the world and won the game of the year award.

We'll get more details next week

And it so happens that we have another one good news for RPG fans. Czech studio Warhorse posted a few hours ago on X (formerly Twitter) a graphic announcing the broadcast on the platforms YouTube and Twitchwhich will take place now April 18, 2024 at 8:00 p.m Polish time.

There are no details yet, but many signs in the sky and on the ground indicate that we will see it Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. After all, more than six years have passed since the original's release, and the title has gained recognition from both players and reviewers. Even now on Steam it's about average ratings “Very positive”.

The Czechs are baiting players.  Is Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 coming?

In the first part, we played the role of… Henryk, the son of a blacksmith who, after the destruction of his home village, decided to take revenge on the perpetrators of the attack. The whole thing took place in medieval Central Europe from the 15th century, and we were quickly embroiled in political intrigues. The question is what will the sequel offer us?

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