The current Tesla Model 3 would really live its last hours

The famous Tesla Model 3 Highland that everyone has been talking about for several months would be closer than ever, according to new indiscretions. What if September was finally the end of the tunnel for the restyled electric sedan?

All the signals are there to indicate that the current Tesla Model 3 is at the end of its cycle. Presented in 2016 and released the following year on the American market, it is time for this first version to bow out, if we are to believe the latest report from Bloomberg who would have had confidential information.

The Tesla Model 3 at the end of its life?

Since its release, several minor evolutions of the Tesla Model 3 have taken place, in particular since its arrival in Europe in 2019. However, the exterior silhouette has remained unchanged for seven years now, which is rather long in the automotive world. .

What is considered a Tesla Model 3 refresh, codenamed Highland, has been announced since the beginning of the year, but we still haven’t seen the project come to fruition. It seems to be for the next few weeks, if we are to believe the latest rumors from the hallway.

There’s little doubt that the Tesla Model 3 is coming to the end of its first life cycle, and the automaker’s factories are gearing up to update their production lines.

Indeed, if we look quickly at the announced deadlines, we notice an anomaly on the Tesla Model 3: in France, no model is available before October, and the Tesla Model 3 Performance are announced for the next year. This is unusual, since for many months, delays have been almost non-existent for Teslas, which are now mass-produced and quickly transported to the Old Continent.

Moreover, any configuration of Tesla Model Y is announced to be delivered before the end of September, which clearly indicates a specificity linked to the Model 3 only.

A Tesla Model 3 Highland produced from September

The restyled version of the Model 3 is already in the pre-production phase, and the first Chinese showrooms should receive copies in the coming weeks. According to the report of BloombergTesla dealerships in China are already accepting Tesla Model 3 Highland reservations, while encouraging customers to take delivery of current versions.

From September – in two weeks – the new Tesla Model 3 would be produced at the Gigafactory in Shanghai, where the vehicles are intended for the local and European market. We could therefore see the new version of the electric sedan in the fall in France.

For now, we cannot confirm if orders placed today are for Tesla Model 3 Highland or not. As often with Tesla, from order to delivery, there may be surprises.

In addition to the restyled exterior, the Tesla Model 3 Highland is particularly expected with a refreshed interior, a different steering wheel (potentially without stalks), and a different battery from current models. The end of the suspense is announced for September.

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