Twórcy Palworld zapowiadają zmiany. Gra mocno się zmieni

The creators of Palworld announce changes. The game will change a lot

Palworld is the undisputed hit of recent days. The creators are already announcing further updates and changes that will be introduced to the game.

Palworld is a huge hit in recent days of Steam. The production sold 8 million copies in the first 6 days, and is still available in the early access phase.

We’re talking about Steam itself, because the title is also available on Xbox Game Pass. With so much popularity, the developers need to keep the updates updated and they clearly intend to live up to expectations. The developer revealed what will appear in the game in the next updates.

What’s new in Palworld?

The developers of Palworld have published a list of changes that will appear in future updates. The list is quite long and impressive. It is clear that the developer has very ambitious plans, which was certainly helped by the great popularity of the title. The plans include:

  • PvP mode
  • Boss raids
  • Palami fight arena
  • Crossplay between Steam and Xbox versions
  • Numerous improvements for the Xbox version
  • Possibility to migrate and transfer servers
  • Building system improvements
  • New islands, bosses and technologies

Palworld updates

In addition, the developers announce that they will fix numerous problems faced by players. The production is available in the early access phase, so these may still happen. Fortunately, they are not important enough to significantly affect the gameplay.

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