Wyrok sądu zakazuje Intelowi sprzedaży wybranych procesorów

The court ruling prohibits Intel from selling selected processors

Intel lost one of the court battles with R2 Semiconductor and is forced to stop selling selected processors in Germany.

There are only two major manufacturers on the computer processor market – AMD and Intel. However, it seems that the second company mentioned is in trouble. As reported by the Financial Times, the German district court in Düsseldorf ruled yesterday that The Blues infringed patents belonging to R2 Semiconductor.

Intel Calls R2 Semiconductor ‘Patent Troll’

Court ruling prohibits the sale of selected processors and laptops, servers and ready-made computer sets equipped with them. It’s about older generations such as Intel Alder Lake, Ice Lake and Tiger Lake. The latest families such as Intel Core 13th and 14th generations and the Meteor Lake series are not affected.

The infringed patents concern voltage regulation technology. R2 Semiconductor asked to stop the sale of CPUs and products powered by them last year. Intel plans to appeal against the decision of the court in Düsseldorf. Telepolis readers should note that this is about sales in Germany.

The Blues say that R2 Semiconductor’s patent was invalidated in the United States, which is why the company sued the giant in Europe. Americans accuse R2 Semiconductor of being “patent troll”. Legal proceedings between the two companies are also ongoing in the UK.

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