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The competition jury was fooled. Fraud or successful experiment?

Can humans compete with AI? The artist Miles Astray decided to prove the superiority of independent human work. His photo of a headless flamingo caused a stir.

The jury of the photo competition disqualified one of the photoswhich was originally among the top three best, in a new category – AI-generated photographs.

The 1839 AWARDS honors photography as an art form. The jury consists of experienced photographers, working for prestigious photo agencies and editorial offices, including: New York Times, Christie's and Getty Images. Last year, for the first time, a separate category was introduced for images generated by artificial intelligence. For the remaining categories, the artist was required to “prove proof that the image was not generated by AI and also had to be the owner of the original files.”

Apparently, however, it didn't work the other way. In the AI ​​category, no evidence was required. Photographer Miles Astray took advantage of this and placed his photo there. Deliberately. He wanted to show that humans can compete with AI.

And he was right. His photo received 3rd place in the AI ​​category. It also received the People Choice Award in the AI ​​category.

When the artist admitted authorship, his photo was disqualified.

Contest website before Astray's photo was withdrawn.

Photo of a flamingo

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