the Chinese outsider targeting the Tesla Model Y is confirmed in Europe

If the name Tesla is on everyone’s lips, another, more discreet but just as ambitious, rumbles in the background. BYD, a Chinese giant, is setting out to conquer Europe with a new vehicle: the Song U.

The race for first place in the world of electric cars never stops (and it’s only the beginning). While Tesla has been an undisputed pioneer in this area, new challengers are constantly emerging to challenge this dominance. The latest one is BYD Song Ua Chinese electric SUV that aspires to rival the Tesla Model Y, the best-selling electric car of 2023.

BYD expands its range

BYD, once a relatively quiet player, is now one of the most promising brands. Placing itself in second position, just after Tesla, in the ranking of the largest sellers of electric cars, BYD clearly shows its ambitions. After a rather lukewarm start with the Dolphin, which did not really convince, the manufacturer was able to learn lessons to bounce back with the Seal U. For connoisseurs, this model is none other than the European version of the Song Plus EV , marketed in China from 2021.

Let’s get into the thick of it. The Song U, a D-segment SUV, has rather imposing dimensions at 4.78 meters long. If the electric SUV seems big enough, it will be content to accommodate only five passengers, contrary to what we might have thought. You will indeed have to turn to the Tang if you want to benefit from a more spacious vehicle offering up to seven seats. The wheelbase still remains generous, at 2.77 meters, which should provide good roominess for the occupants of the rear seats.

The trunk volume is announced at 570 liters., which is still very much lower than the 854 liters of the Tesla Model Y. It is still better than the Volkswagen ID.4 with which it should also compete, and its 543 liters when the bench is in place. Overall, the presentation remains, unsurprisingly, quite conventional, of course approaching the Seal.

The adaptation to the demanding European market is evident in the vehicle’s characteristics. The European engine has an increased output of 160 kW and 330 Nm, surpassing the Chinese model. Rumors also point to a 4-wheel drive version, although BYD remains discreet on this point.

Range is a decisive criterion for electric cars. The Song U does not disappoint on this front with two battery options: 71.8 kWh or 87 kWh, offering 420 km or 500 km respectively depending on the WLTP cycle. Regarding charging, the vehicle has a capacity of 140 kW in direct current, significantly higher than the Atto 3 which caps at 88 kW.

Add to this the standard V2L function (as well as the heat pump, as on the Kia EV6), allowing you to power other electrical devices, and you get a well-equipped SUV. However, if energy efficiency is a priority for you, it’s worth noting that the Song U won’t particularly excel in this area.

Price is often the deciding factor for many buyers. If rumors place the Song U at around 50,000 euros, it seems that BYD is tempted to play the aggressive pricing card by offering it below 47,000 euros to take advantage of the ecological bonus in France. This would place it in direct competition with the Atto 3, which starts at 43,690 euros for comparable autonomy.

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