Chińczycy upokorzeni. Mieli pogonić NVIDIĘ, a wyszło śmiesznie

The Chinese are humiliated. They were supposed to chase NVIDIA, but it turned out ridiculous

Chinese Moore Threads MTT-S80 and MTT-S30 graphics cards still lag behind the American competition. The differences in performance are enormous.

At the end of 2022, the brand’s graphics cards went on sale Moore Threads. What distinguished them from the competition was the fact that we are not dealing with another implementation of NVIDIA and AMD chips, and fully proprietary systems designed and manufactured in China. During the premiere of the systems, there were voices that this was the beginning of the end of the American monopoly in this segment. And how did it turn out in reality?

Chinese graphics cards slower than integrated systems

In fact, it turned out funny. More than a year after its release, the card is still available does not support modern DirectX 12 and Vulkan graphics APIs, and DirectX 11 support appeared only in the summer of 2023. However, the real joke turns out to be the performance of Chinese systems.

The Chinese are humiliated.  They were supposed to chase NVIDIA, but it turned out ridiculous

Website editors ComputerBase tested two models of Chinese graphics cards in action: the top one Moore Threads MTT-S80 and positioned much lower MTT-S30.

As for the former, it proves to be the case in most of the games tested about 60 percent slower than the integrated graphics system equipped with the AMD Ryzen 5 8600G APU. The cheaper MTT-S30 is, in turn, twice as slow as the iGPU with Intel Core i5-12500.

To give these measurements some perspective, the Moore Threads MTT-S80 has 4096 computing units, 16 GB GDDR6 and TDP of 225 W. On paper, we are dealing with a graphics card approximately at the level of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti. As it turns out, however, the technical gap that divides the Chinese from their American competition remains gigantic and cannot be bridged by numbers alone. At least that’s how it looks at the moment, because one thing can be certain – producers from the Middle Kingdom do not give up easily and have enough resources to consistently chase their Western rivals.

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