Najtańsza konsola na rynku jeszcze tańsza. Kupisz za 41 zł

The cheapest console on the market is even cheaper. You can buy it for PLN 41

The DATA FROG SF2000 portable console, on which you can play classic versions of games, has just found itself on a very interesting promotion. You will get the device up to 42% cheaper.

You don’t have to invest in a Steamdeck, Nintendo Switch, ROG Ally, or another expensive handheld to while away your time playing video games while traveling. Currently, there are literally a lot to choose from on the marketin simple consoles with built-in emulators. Recently we wrote about a strong promotion for Miyoo Mini in the 2.8″ version. Now there is an equally tempting offer for another console.

Data Frog SF2000 available for cheap

There is now a promotion on AliExpress for the Data Frog SF2000 portable console with a 3″ display. The basic version includes a console with a charging cable and an AV cable. the price of the device is PLN 41.16which means we will have to pay 42% less for it than standard.

You can always try a fancier set with one or two controllers. Then the price increases to PLN 53.12 and PLN 64.01, respectively. The promotion will only last for the next 20 hours.

Console supports 7 built-in emulators: FC/SFC/MD/GB/GBC/GBA/MAME, and some games are pre-installed. In total, you can play over 6,000 games on this console, including many classics. Additionally, the device is equipped with a 1500 mAh battery, so you don’t have to worry about having to charge it every now and then.

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