The Carte Vitale is available on smartphones, here’s how it works

After the identity card and the driving licence, it is now the Carte Vitale which is appearing on our smartphones. In the experimental phase, this application promises a digital alternative to simplify our daily lives.

In an era where the digital is inviting itself into every aspect of our lives, it was logical that our access to health care take the same path. After the ongoing experiments on the identity card and the driving licence, it is the turn of the Carte Vitale to be digitized.

Once again, this innovation is currently in the experimental phase before a more global deployment. This application is not intended to replace the physical card, but rather to provide a simplified alternative for users.

Installation and configuration: child’s play

We had the opportunity to test the application and we were pleasantly surprised by its simplicity. For the installation, you will need your identity document (French identity card, French passport or residence permit issued by France) and your physical vital card (or your social security number).

The setup process only takes five minutes. Once the activation request has been made, the identity is checked by the Health Insurance services. So it’s not immediately functional.

But what can we really do with this application? For the moment, it is used as the physical Vitale card by health professionals and it promises to cover future uses for policyholders. It also allows you to view information on the care expenses incurred, a very useful feature for monitoring your healthcare expenses.

How it works ?

To use the Carte Vitale application, the healthcare professional must have software compatible with the Carte Vitale application and reading equipment. The latter can be a QR Code reading device or a contactless reader (NFC, for “Near Field Communication”).

Note that to use the Vitale card app, the smartphone does not need to be connected to the Internet. The information is accessible in real time directly from the Health Insurance servers.

How to test on your smartphone?

Currently, this application is only available to people aged 16 and over who are affiliated with Assurance Maladie, MSA or MGEN in certain departments: Alpes-Maritimes, Rhône, Sarthe, Loire-Atlantique, Puy-de-Dôme, Bas-Rhin, Saône-et-Loire and Seine-Maritime.

From 2024, the Carte Vitale application will be gradually rolled out to other departments.

Despite its obvious potential, the Carte Vitale application is not intended to replace the physical Carte Vitale. The latter continues to exist and to be delivered. It must be kept until all healthcare professionals are equipped to read the Carte Vitale application.

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