The best gift for a woman.  Combine fashion and modernity

The best gift for a woman. Combine fashion and modernity

They say that a diamond is a woman’s best friend. It probably used to be like that, but for a modern woman it’s just a crystal made of carbon. Today, what matters is usability and comfort. That’s why I think that a woman’s best friend today are HUAWEI FreeClip headphones.

HUAWEI FreeClip are headphones unlike any other. Their shape resembles clips. They look phenomenal in the ear and I can wear them all day without worrying about comfort. This design stays in place great and is incredibly comfortable. A modern woman can do almost anything in them and will look stylish all day long.

Eye-catching clips

HUAWEI FreeClip stands out due to its design. The headphones do not hide in the ear and have no element protruding downwards. Instead, each headphone is made of two parts connected by a decorative, flexible rod. Once put on, they cover my auricle like an ear cuff. From a distance you might think that these are conch earrings. In my opinion, this is a big plus for women who like an alternative style but are not convinced about piercings.

HUAWEI FreeClip headphones are available in two colors: black and lavender. Black is a universal color that goes with everything and I can wear it at any time of the day or night. Purple will suit more unusual outfits and will certainly catch the eye of women who love pastels. Purple headphones can be an interesting detail that brightens up your outfit.

The set consists of two identical headphones that I can wear interchangeably. They recognize the right and left sides thanks to the movements of my head. This is a big plus because I can put the headphones down anyway and not have to wonder how to put them back on. I can also use just one earpiece, for example to make phone calls while doing other things.

Huawei FreeClip

Headphones for the whole day

How to wear headphones with this design? Putting them on is very simple. The ball with the loudspeaker must be placed close to the ear canal, and the part with the battery behind the auricle. The headphones will stay in place on their own and I guarantee that you will completely forget about them after just a few minutes of putting on HUAWEI FreeClip. They are light (5.6 g), stable, and at the same time do not interfere with everyday activities.

An unusual design does not mean a lack of ergonomics. The C-bridge Design was designed to be universal and imperceptible when worn. The bridge connecting the elements is made of a nickel-titanium alloy, it is durable and its high flexibility guarantees comfort.

The HUAWEI FreeClip battery cannot be underestimated. Not only can I wear the headphones all day as decorations, but I can use them all the time. They can work for up to 8 hours on a single charge. I can put them on in the morning after starting work, video conference and listen to music all day long. If there is an opportunity to recharge them in the case in the meantime, they can work for 36 hours. This means I can go away for the weekend without worrying about running out of energy.

At the same time, HUAWEI FreeClip charges very quickly. Just 10 minutes in the charging case – for example, a quick shower after training – will give you another 3 hours of listening time. It only takes 40 minutes to fully charge.

Huawei Freeclip

Awareness of the surroundings

It is worth noting that these are perfect headphones for women who cannot or do not want to wear in-ear headphones. I know from experience that there is no shortage of such people and I found more of them among my friends than among my colleagues. This makes me even more convinced that the decorative HUAWEI FreeClip headphones are a great product for women.

Huawei FreeClips are not only beautiful. They are also dust and splash resistant, so you can wear them in the rain and take them to training. Their light, stable construction will not interfere while running or cycling. Although I can’t feel them on my ears, I’ve never had them fall off or “jounce” during physical activity.

The acoustic ball that needs to be placed in the ear does not tightly close the ear canal. High sound quality is a key feature of headphones, but it does not come at the cost of discomfort. Instead of suffering discomfort, I can enjoy amazing music, clear podcasts and use artificial intelligence that reduces ambient noise during calls.

Huawei FreeClip

The open design of the headphones also has several other advantages that every modern woman will appreciate. When practicing sports, you do not have to worry about unpleasant sensations associated with sweat in a tightly closed ear. HUAWEI FreeClip ensures free air flow. When moving around the city, the headphones do not isolate you from the surroundings, which positively affects safety, for example when riding a bike. At home, I also appreciate the lack of isolation from the outside world – no matter what I am doing or listening to at the moment, I am not cut off from other household members.

I can connect HUAWEI FreeClip to two devices at the same time, e.g. a smartphone and a laptop, and then switch between them without any problems. This is a huge help when I’m working, when I listen to music and talk on the phone. After hours, I can reach for an audiobook or a movie without unnecessary combinations.

Huawei Freeclip

The perfect gift for a woman

Wireless headphones are one of the best gifts. Thanks to these small devices, the recipient does not have to give up their beloved music or a good book regardless of the situation. Work will also be easier because you don’t have to reach for the phone to talk. In fact, you don’t have to interrupt your current activity at all.

HUAWEI FreeClip can be worn all day long. They are incredibly comfortable. Thanks to this, the recipient can always have them with them – it’s like always having a part of your relationship close to them. The owner of the headphones will not have to give up fashionable outfits or sports.

That’s why I think that HUAWEI FreeClip is a perfect gift for a womancombining modernity with elegance. They normally cost PLN 899, but you can buy them for PLN 799 as part of the Valentine’s Day offer in the store.

You don’t have to stop there. HUAWEI FreeClip will fit perfectly with the HUAWEI Band 8 sports bandwhich you can buy in a set for PLN 199 instead of PLN 249 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Moreover, you can get it on extended warranty for headphones for PLN 89 (instead of PLN 149) and support in case you lose one of the headphones from the set for PLN 69.90. It’s worth using this option – it allows you to buy one handset for half the price.

The Valentine’s Day offer is valid until February 18. If you also subscribe to the Huawei company store’s newsletter, you will receive a coupon for PLN 50.

The article was commissioned by Huawei Polska.

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