the best electric car?

The new version of the MG4 (Luxury extended autonomy) is finally available in France, with its great autonomy, and this is an opportunity to confront it with the reference of the moment in terms of electric sedans: the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion. Here is what is the best electric car.

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Buying an electric car in 2023 is both easier than ever given the number of models on offer, but also difficult as there are excellent cars that are difficult to decide between. With the recent arrival of the extended range MG4, many may be tempted to choose it.

Among the competing vehicles, we will examine the case of the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, whose reputation is second to none. With attractive prices and excellent standard equipment, what is it worth compared to the MG4 and its larger battery? Between design, interior, driving pleasure and ease of crossing the country thanks to autonomy and fast charging, let’s see which of the two is the best electric car.

Tesla Model 3 Propulsion and MG4 Extended Range Data Sheets

Dimensions, weight and exterior design

Let it be said: we are in the presence of two very different cars in terms of size. First of all, the extended range MG4 Luxury, which is slightly larger than a compact (4.29 meters long by 1.83 meters wide and 1.52 meters high), is not in the shape of a rifle bullet like the Tesla Model 3.

Much larger (4.69 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.44 meters high) than the MG4, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is less suitable for urban environments. This does not prevent him from having a remarkable and noticed look, which has gradually entered the French automotive landscape, given that sales have soared since his arrival in 2019.

With a very aggressive front face, the MG4 does not go unnoticed, what’s more in colors that we are not used to seeing on the roads, such as a very successful orange or an electric blue with the most beautiful effect. The sporty look of the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is also to be highlighted, with a long plunging bonnet and a characteristic light signature. We won’t venture to name a winner on the exterior design between the two, because each has its strengths.

Finally, on the scale, it’s a near draw between the two vehicles: 1748 kilograms for the MG4 extended autonomy, against 1752 for the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion. We will see that behind this similarity in weight, there are still differences in size.


The Tesla Model 3 has been an example of interior minimalism since its release. A single screen sits in the center of the dashboard, and almost no button is visible to the occupants. This way of doing things for Elon Musk’s firm does not only have advantages, but it must be recognized that it is a trend that is being followed more and more.

In addition to the central screen which dominates the first row, we can salute the layout on board which is full of storage: armrest which leaves room for a fairly deep compartment, pockets in the doors, spacious glove box, two large cup holders, or even sliding storage between the front passengers.

The feeling of space of the Tesla Model 3 does not stop there, since there is a large glass roof giving a nice impression of tranquility. If we add to that the useful volume of the rear trunk (561 litres) and front (88 litres), we obtain a combo that is hard to beat.

The MG4 must deal with its 30 centimeters less, and its lack of front trunk. On the useful volume, this is clearly felt since it is only 350 liters of trunk (smaller than on the version with a small 54 kWh battery) which are available to the owner and his passengers. Suffice to say that to go on a mop with four or five people, the Tesla Model 3 will be much more appropriate.

The available space is however very present at the front, where the generous passenger compartment is very appreciable on board the MG4. Unlike the Tesla Model 3, there is a more classic layout with two screens: one behind the steering wheel for the instrumentation, and one in the center of the dashboard for the infotainment part.

For its useful volume and its more marked impression of space, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion prevails over the MG4 extended autonomy as far as habitability is concerned.

Embedded technologies

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is a computer on wheels, but that doesn’t mean it comes with all the latest technology. For absent subscribers, we still find Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are both present on the MG4. The latter also has level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance.

This combo, consisting of an adaptive cruise control and lane keeping, is also present at Tesla, under the name we all know: Autopilot. Diabolically efficient on the freeway and motorway, this is one of the most efficient systems on the market, well above that of the MG4.

Regarding the route planner, the companion mobile application or the key on the phone, the advantage goes to Tesla, which offers with its Model 3 Propulsion a summary of what is best at present. For technology lovers, the Model 3 definitely beats the MG4.

On the road

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion displays very interesting performance on the road, without being a real racing car. The 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 6.1 seconds, and the maximum speed displayed is 225 km / h. Worthy of a thermal sports car. That’s better than the extended range MG4 which takes 6.5 seconds to hit 100 km/h, and has a top speed of 180 km/h.

The agility of the MG4 is however to be emphasized, especially on winding roads, or even on its favorite playground: the urban environment. This is where it stands out against the Tesla Model 3, whose size and turning radius (11.6 vs. 10.6 meters) are disadvantages in our European cities.

One-pedal driving is a strength of the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, which in the overwhelming majority of cases makes it possible to dispense with the brake pedal. The MG4 also incorporates this technology, but only on the new versions.

The point goes to the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion in terms of road behavior, both for its performance and its one-pedal driving, or even its consumption which is also better than that of the MG4.

The different engines offered

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion displays these characteristics:

  • Propulsion: rear motor only, 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, top speed 225 km/h;

On the side of the MG4 in extended autonomy version, we find:

  • Extended range: 245 hp (180 kW) rear motor, 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, top speed 180 km/h;

Autonomy, battery and charging

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion has a range in the WLTP cycle of 510 kilometers, for a 60 kWh LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery. Fast charging peaks at a power of 175 kW, with a 10% – 80% down in 25 minutes on a Tesla Supercharger or other fast charging station.

The extended autonomy MG4 has a much larger battery, with 77 kWh announced by the manufacturer. However, with 28% more battery capacity, it only offers 10 kilometers more WLTP range compared to the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion. It is indeed just 520 kilometers of autonomy which are announced on the product sheet distributed by MG.

We can thus see that the consumption of 165 Wh/km displayed by the MG4 extended autonomy in the WLTP combined cycle is far from that of the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion (144 Wh/km), which explains the small difference in autonomy despite the larger battery. It should also be noted that these figures take into account the loss of energy during recharging.

In addition, the fast charge of the MG4 extended autonomy is also a point that leaves something to be desired, since it takes 38 minutes to go from 10 to 80% battery, with a maximum power allowed which is 144 kW. On long journeys, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion will therefore be faster, and more economical in electricity.

As you will have understood, this is a point that is won by the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, as it only has advantages over the MG4 in terms of battery and autonomy.


Tesla wants to flood the market in 2023, which is why prices were slashed earlier this year. The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is available today for 41,990 euros, from which we must remove the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros currently. This makes it possible to acquire this Tesla for 36,990 euros, and the sponsorship which has made its comeback offers an additional 500 euros of reduction.

We are still far from having affordable prices for the majority of French people, however, and this is where the MG4 extended autonomy could come to change the game. MG offers it from 39,490 euros, or 2,500 euros less than the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion.

Thus, the point of the price goes easily to the MG4 extended autonomy, but is it enough to prevail over the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion?

Which to choose between the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion and MG4 extended autonomy?

At the end of this comparison, one thing is clear: the MG4 like the Tesla Model 3 are excellent electric cars. However, for 2,500 euros more, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion wins hands down, as the advantages are present.

The fast charge combined with excellent autonomy and controlled consumption means that, in practice, traveling several hundred kilometers in Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is faster than in MG4 extended autonomy, despite a much smaller battery.

The MG4 extended autonomy is penalized by the slowness of its fast charge, and its higher consumption. The performances are better on the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, as are the driving aids or the regenerative braking, and even the useful volume.

The only advantage to the MG4 in addition to the lower price is to be found on the side of the gauge: shorter by 30 centimeters, it is much more manageable in town, and more practical for parking. If this is a determining criterion for you, choose the MG4. In all other cases, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion wins.

But ultimately, the real competitor of this new MG4 is quite simply the MG4 Luxury and its 64 kWh battery, with its range of 435 km and recharging in just 26 minutes, for 35,990 euros. Which shouldn’t be so slow on long journeys, thanks to its recharging.

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