the Berlin Gigafactory is preparing to ramp up even more

Tesla’s factory in Germany, the Gigafactory in Berlin, is closely scrutinized by observers. Recently, the upgrade to V4 of its Supercharger has not gone unnoticed. Some expansion projects also seem to be starting.

The Berlin factory of Elon Musk’s firm, the Berlin Gigafactory, is already very impressive. At the end of last year, it was producing 3,000 Tesla Model Ys a week, before increasing to 4,000 in February, then 5,000 a month later.

New records are brewing, with up to 500,000 vehicles a year expected to roll off the production lines at the Gigafactory in Berlin in its current state. It is planned to double this capacity thanks to certain enlargements and other ancillary constructions which are already emerging from the ground.

A V4 Supercharger replaces a V3

If the V4 Superchargers are so to speak not new (we have moreover several in France since the beginning of the summer), a novelty – via Twitter/X – was noticed near Grünheide, in the parking lot of the German Gigafactory.

This is the first time a V3 Supercharger has been updated in this way, opening the door to future sites that may undergo the same transformation.

We are thinking above all of the old V2 Superchargers, which are limited to 150 kW and share the power by pair of terminals. These stations, of which there are several dozen left in France, are gradually being abandoned by drivers when they have the possibility, since the charge is potentially much longer than on a V3 or V4 Supercharger.

We bet that the modification at the Berlin factory marks the start of a more global update operation, facilitating access to all brands of electric vehicles.

The largest car factory in the country

The giant Volkswagen has to date the most prolific plant in Germany in terms of production capacity in Wolfsburg, where 800,000 cars can be produced annually.

The future evolutions of the Berlin Gigafactory will make it possible to produce 1,000,000 Teslas per yearmaking it the most prolific plant in the country.

A recent drone video shows not only the new V4 Supercharger replacing the old one, but also the progress of the construction of the ancillary buildings needed to meet production targets. Tesla intends to achieve its objectives, and seems to give itself the means.

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