the application is blocked in Europe

Threads, Meta’s new social network, is sparking interest and curiosity around the world. However, in Europe, access to this application is now blocked.

For those who have been following the latest developments in the social media landscape, Threads is no longer an unknown name. Launched by Meta, the company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Threads is the newcomer trying to make a name for itself alongside Twitter. Unfortunately for many European users, this application is not as accessible as they would have liked.

Until recently, although the application was not officially available in Europe, resourceful users could download it and discover this new social network. The app was functional, and many of you had downloaded it.

An unpleasant surprise for European users

However, since Saturday morning, July 14, 2023, the application has been working very poorly from the European Union. In response, Meta has confirmed that it is now blocking access to the app in Europe.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company said, ” Threads is currently not available in most countries in Europe and we have taken additional steps to prevent people based there from accessing it at this time. Europe continues to be an incredibly important market for Meta and we hope to make Threads available here in the future. “.

This decision is rooted in privacy issues with the app. Indeed, the EU has strict regulations on the protection of personal data, embodied in particular by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations create legal and regulatory challenges for Meta.

According to Meta, uncertainty about how the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), a proposed law aimed at regulating large digital platforms, will apply to his company’s use of data is at its height. origin of the delay in the launch of Threads in the EU.

For the moment, European users will have to wait before being able to discover Threads. However, Meta’s commitment to making the app available in Europe in the future offers a ray of hope. In the meantime, you can also use a VPN.

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