the “Always On” screen improves with this update

Samsung has started to deploy an update to the application managing the “Always on” display on the exterior screen of its new Galaxy Z Flip 5. On the program, some modest but nevertheless important corrections.

The Oled “Always On” display is changing slightly at Samsung and in particular on the new Galaxy Z Flip 5. We learned this week that the firm has launched the deployment of an update to the Always On Display application for its eligible devices , thus allowing a (small) dose of additional customization, but also, and above all, the improvement of certain functionalities relating to the external screen of the Z Flip 5.

According to the release notes for this new update (v., Samsung has fixed a bug that caused the clock style to change when roaming (roaming), regardless of the mode chosen for the Always On display. We also discover that this update optimizes the use of memory during certain actions on the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The fluidity should thus be reinforced, and the device would also “waste” less of energy when in standby… which would lead to a slightly improved battery life.

A discreet, yet important update

As specified by the specialized site SamMobileSamsung also rolled out a minor update ( to its Good Lock customization app, first fixing a few bugs, without further details.

In both cases (that of the Always On Display application and Good Lock), these updates are accessible through the Galaxy Store. They also seem to be already available to a majority of users.

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As a reminder, the corrections concerning the Always On display are important in the case of the Z Flip 5. The device indeed embeds an external 3.4-inch OLED screen, which is undoubtedly the main novelty of this new model. The latter is used in particular for widgets and notifications, but also allows you to type messages or even use certain applications (WhatsApp, Google Maps, the camera, etc.) without having to unfold the smartphone to access its main screen. .

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