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YouTube will gradually add many features to the platform, such as the ability to search for music by humming it or to harmonize the volume on a video.

YouTube has just announced on its blog the addition of numerous new features for its platform, soon accessible on the web and on mobile on its various applications. These new features were previously only offered to Premium subscribers and we are delighted to see them arrive soon for all users.

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YouTube becomes even easier to use

Among these new options, YouTube wants to offer even more precise control over video playback. The arrival of the Stable Volume option, which we told you about this summer, seems imminent. This will allow you to equalize the volume of a video to avoid sudden increases that are harmful to the ears.

It will also be possible to accelerate the playback speed by two of a full-screen video by leaving your finger pressed on the screen and releasing to return to normal speed. This is another way to reach a part of the video you are currently watching.

Along the same lines, when you are moving the playhead to browse a video, the preview image is now displayed in full screen and not in a small window. And if you want to return to the part of the video you just left, all you have to do is move your finger again until your phone vibrates.

Finally, for playing a video without interruption, YouTube will soon offer a mode to lock your screen and thus prevent your video from stopping due to improper handling such as an accidental click.

Search for a piece of music by humming it

The other new feature has been in experimental testing with a few users since August: the possibility of searching for music, like Shazam, but by humming the tune or even singing it. This feature has already been present for several years on Google Assistant.

YouTube then uses its AI to recognize the original sound. You will be able to test this new feature in the coming weeks, but it will only be available on Android devices for the moment.

YouTube has also decided to merge its “Library” and “Your Account” tabs into a brand new menu called “You”. From this page, you can access your viewing history, your playlists, your own YouTube channel as well as your videos marked as favorites. The “You” tab should arrive today on the web as well as the YouTube mobile and tablet applications.

Finally, YouTube TV will also gradually benefit from some of these features in the coming weeks. In general, the YouTube application for television will soon be enriched with even larger preview images, additional filtering options for your library or even a new vertical menu to display their summary, chapters and comments on each video.

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