that’s it, the PC Game Pass is coming with some good surprises

The contract between Microsoft and Nvidia takes effect in a much more significant way this week: PC Game Pass subscribers can now take advantage of the best cloud gaming service on the market.

In each of our tests, Nvidia GeForce Now amazed us with the performance of its cloud gaming service. It’s simple, this cloud gaming service is compatible with many devices: smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, web and even connected televisions. It offers by far the best image quality, the best definition (up to 4K) and ultra-low latency.

The only point that can really get in the way is the access system to the game: it is necessary to have the license, to pay for them individually, on Steam, GOG, Epic Games or other. But that was true until the arrival of the PC Game Pass directly on the Nvidia service.

The fusion of the best services

The promise was already there and now it will become reality. Starting August 24, PC Game Pass subscribers who also have an Nvidia GeForce Now subscription will be able to play a selection from Microsoft’s catalog. It will not be necessary to have paid for the games. In other words, for 20 euros per month, the sum of the two necessary subscriptions, you get the best cloud gaming service and the best catalog per subscription.

Initially, these will be death loop, Grounded, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord And No Man’s Sky that will be offered. We are still far from the catalog of 452 games offered on Microsoft’s PC service, but the good news is in the presence of games from third-party publishers.

Indeed, announcements from Nvidia and Microsoft have always focused on Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda and possibly Activision Blizzard games, but not on games in the catalog that do not belong to Microsoft. And yet, the two giants seem to have the ambition to offer the entire catalog on GeForce Now.

Nvidia promises to continue to fill this catalog week after week. In addition, if you are not a PC Game Pass subscriber, but you have these games on the Windows Microsoft Store, you will also be able to play them on GeForce Now, since you own the license.

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