that’s it, its new affordable and very promising electric bikes are launched in France

The Lidl brand has added two new relatively affordable electric bikes to its catalog: the CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X and CRIVIT Urban E-Bike Y. Their particularity? A very interesting quality-price ratio on paper. Until then, they were only available in Belgium and Germany. Good news: they are also in France now.

Article updated on 07/06/2023:

As expected, the CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X and CRIVIT Urban E-Bike Y are now available in France on the official Lidl website. We thank the reader who alerted us to the news.

Be careful though: the “Electric bikes” page of the site does not display the two models in question. You have to go to the “Crivit” page to discover this pair launched at a knockdown price: 1199 euros each, or 100 euros less than in Belgium and Germany.

All the technical characteristics mentioned in the following article are valid for the French versions. Also, be aware (again according to the aforementioned reader) that the battery of the bicycles would not be guaranteed. Remember to inquire well beforehand, with the sign, to make sure.

Original article from 05/22/2023:

You may not have known it, but the specialist in hard discount Lidl has also set its sights on the electric bike. It has two models in its French catalog both intended for the city and for small outings on the beaten track, at necessarily attractive prices (between 980 and 1,300 euros).

The company seems visibly inclined to strengthen its position in this niche. Evidenced by its brand new range of VAE Crivit – which is an own brand of Lidl -, which was recently launched in our Belgian and German neighbors, tells us the site Urban Bike.

Two frame shapes to please everyone

On the other hand, we can fully expect Lidl to add them to its tricolor offer over the next few months. The Belgian and French sites share a few similar models: there is therefore a minimum of hope that the CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X and CRIVIT Urban E-Bike Y, as they are named, will one day come to our region.

These two models are identical in all respects, except their frame shape: the first opts for a closed frame, more difficult to step over, but which promotes a sportier ride, while the second offers an open frame, easier to straddle and generally more focused on comfort.

CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X and Y

Consequently, the sizes of users targeted differ: between 170 and 195 cm for the X and between 160 and 190 cm for the Y. On the rest, the duo shares the same technical sheet. And the least we can say is that Lidl has gone all out to integrate high-end components into affordable VAEs.

If the placement of the 250 W motor is altogether classic – at the rear, but we do not know its torque in Nm -, the presence of a torque sensor and a carbon belt transmission (low maintenance , less messy) is out of place. These are generally components found on more expensive models, exceeding at least 1500 euros, if not more.

Attractive prices

Because according to the Belgian Lidl site, the CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X and CRIVIT Urban E-Bike Y are snapped up at the price of 1299 euros. In Germany, prices rise to 1699 euros… at a crossed out price. Promotions are obviously underway, bringing down their cost to 1199 euros. In short, it’s very interesting on paper.

CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X and Y

Special mention, too, to the hydraulic disc brakes signed Tektro. This is, on paper, an excellent guarantee of security. Housed in the seat tube, the removable 360 ​​Wh battery provides a theoretical range of 70 km. Please note that Lidl does not specify the method used to calculate this radius of action.

Electric bike manufacturers usually measure the theoretical range from the lowest assistance mode – there are 5 here. It is therefore often necessary to count on a lower autonomy in practice. The charge is done in 3.5 hours, which is all in all correct.

Average weight

As standard, we must finally count on front and rear lights, a bell, a crutch, an LED screen, 27.5-inch tires with reflective strip and IPX5 certification (protection against splashing water). The whole claims a weight of 20 kg, which remains in the average.

If their technical sheet clearly makes you want on paper, nothing guarantees an idyllic driving experience. It sometimes happens that pedelecs are poorly calibrated, especially with a single-speed belt transmission.

The components chosen represent an ecosystem and coexist with each other: they must work perfectly hand in hand to offer electrical behavior worthy of the name, and not act “each on their own” at the risk of weighing down driving pleasure.

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