To już pewne. Seria Intel Arrow Lake będzie kastratem

That’s for sure. The Intel Arrow Lake series will be a neuter

The rumors turned out to be true. The new Blue processors will not offer support for DDR4 RAM, small cores or support for Hyper-threading technology.

The processors are expected to hit store shelves this year Intel Arrow Lakei.e. the first family created for desktop computers and new motherboards and sockets LGA 1851. It will be a direct successor to the series Intel Raptor Lake Refreshwhich will bring a lot of new solutions.

Intel Arrow Lake is to use heavily TSMC lithography

Verified Chinese sources, mainly manufacturers of motherboards and other components, confirm and refute some of the rumors. Above all Intel Arrow Lake will not be called “15th Generation Intel Core”and instead the nomenclature that is already present in laptops will be adopted – Intel Core 200 Ultra.

Apart from that, no we will see here support for the old type of RAM, i.e. DDR4. Only DDR5 modules will be supported. The most important information, however, is this confirmation of the absence of hyper-threading technology and the use of only large, high-performance cores.

That's for sure.  The Intel Arrow Lake series will be a neuter

What’s more, Intel Arrow Lake will offer integrated graphics units (iGPU) equipped with 4 Intel Xe cores. Thus, they will be detected as “Intel Graphics” systems and not “Intel Arc Graphics”, despite having exactly the same architecture. Just like the Intel Core Ultra 5 125U mobile processor.

Most of the tiles in the new CPUs will use TSMC lithography. Systems manufactured in Intel foundries and based on the 20A process will mainly go to weaker units such as the blocked Core Ultra 5.

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