test electric cars for free during the Electric Test Days

Navigating the world of electric cars can seem daunting for first-timers. Questions about range, charging time, maintenance and even choosing the perfect car can often seem overwhelming. But Electric Test Days are here to help break down those barriers and light your way to a more sustainable future.

Buying an electric car can be a challenge, especially for those who are new to this world.

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Acceptance of automatic driving, dismantling prejudices about electric vehicles, understanding range, charging and charging time, reliability, maintenance, regenerative braking, battery technologies , home and highway charging, long trips, and more. Once all these considerations are taken into account, deciding which car to buy can seem almost overwhelming. This is where the Electric Test Days come in.

The Electric Test Days are a series of events that travel through the major cities of France, offering tests of electric cars. Over a period of six Sundays in six different cities, these days offer the opportunity to discuss with experts in electric vehicles, to meet dealers and service providers, in particular those who install home charging stations.

The Nantes event

On July 9, we had the opportunity to participate in the event in Nantes, which took place at the Hippodrome. While our goal was not to test vehicles for ourselves, I took the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some models, including the Fiat 500, VinFast VF8, Smart #1, Jeep Avenger and the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

VinFast’s VF8 is an intriguing car. Although I had the opportunity to drive an American version and not the homologated European version, I can say that this vehicle is very promising. The great energy and massive investment of VinFast, a Vietnamese manufacturer, is evident in this car. Its first electric model, the VF8, offers impressive specs and a heavily Tesla-inspired infotainment system. The VF6 and VF7 models, meanwhile, could be more interesting for the French market.

Then the Smart #1, an intriguing combination of Mercedes design and Geely technology, delivers impressive performance. With its power, it is very pleasant to drive and offers high-end options.

The Jeep Avenger, with a length of a bit more than 4 meters, is more modest in terms of power, but it is compact, maneuverable and its square design facilitates the perception of angles. Of course, that means putting aside any preconceptions you might have about what a Jeep should be. Finally, the Ford Mustang Mach-E: an underrated, fun-to-drive car with a nice bite and a sleek appearance.

Of course, driving for 10 to 15 minutes does not allow you to form a complete opinion on a vehicle, but it gives the opportunity to compare it with others, to take it in hand and to check whether it is suitable for all family.

I witnessed many curious people, some with prejudices, but all ready to overcome them. The fact that they took the time to attend such an event is testament to their willingness to go electric. The dealers are there to sell, of course, but the atmosphere is nice. I would have imagined a bigger event, but the animation, the partner stands and the catering options created an environment conducive to exchanges.

I highly recommend checking out available dates and making an appointment. The Electric Test Days are a great opportunity to make the leap to electric and join the movement towards more sustainable mobility. There are dates planned until 2024, so don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of electric.

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