Tesla’s electric van already seen on video? Not so fast: we take stock

Announced by Elon Musk a few months ago, Tesla’s future electric van would have been seen by a surfer, who reveals a video. But beware, because nothing confirms the veracity of these images, which should be taken with a grain of salt for the moment.

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Tesla continues to ride on success, while its Model Y remains once again the best-selling car in Europe, all engines combined. Although the MG4 is also starting to take off, to the point of overtaking the Model 3. But Elon Musk’s firm obviously has more than one trick up its sleeve, and is preparing other innovations in order to remain a leader.

A mysterious van

Among them, the Cybertruck, whose production has just started, as well as the Roadster which is still awaited. But that’s not all. During his Investor Day last March, the manager also confirmed the arrival of the Model 2, a more affordable compact that will be positioned under the Model 3. But another vehicle would also be about to arrive in the range. over the next few years.

It would be an electric van, as a document unveiled by Elon Musk showing Tesla’s product plan had suggested. For the time being, the latter is still hidden under a white sheet, but his arrival had been half-confirmed by the businessman on Twitter in July 2022. He claimed that “ Tesla should maybe make a Robovan highly customizable for people and freight transport“.

Maybe Tesla should make a highly configurable Robovan for people & cargo?

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 7, 2022

But for now, we don’t know more, since no official communication has been made from the American boss. But now a video comes to change things a bit. This was published by content creator Jacob Orth on the blue bird social network. And she shows what would be a prototype of this famous electric van, still at a very early stage for the moment.

These images would have been filmed in the headquarters of The Boring Companythe company founded by Elon Musk which had plans to build a large underground tunnel in Las Vegas, finally opening in 2021. We see a vehicle, which seems to be equipped with large glass windows and which reveals a rather futuristic design.

To be taken with caution

But how can Jacob Orth say with certainty that it is indeed a machine designed by Tesla? Well it’s simple, the company logo is visible on the steering wheel of the vehicle. However, that still doesn’t mean we’ll see this electric van on our roads anytime soon. Because it is difficult to know what the manufacturer is preparing just by seeing these images and all possibilities can be considered.

It may actually be a first prototype of the Robovan, which would take the form of a minibus that could carry no less than 12 people. The latter would be designed for The Boring Company, and could for example be used in the company’s tunnels. Moreover, this vehicle reminds us of the concept unveiled in 2017, designed for the Las Vegas Loop system.

Leaked video of the secret Tesla van prototype designed for Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop, from inside The Boring Company’s Las Vegas headquarters pic.twitter.com/A3A3XJ0UTx

— Jacob Orth (@JacobsVegasLife) July 10, 2023

But it can also be a completely different vehicle, perhaps a prototype that is not even destined to see the light of day. Who tells us that it’s not just an old concept car left behind ? Because we doubt that Tesla let the content creator access a top secret vehicle that has not been revealed and above all publish the images. In any case, Elon Musk has not yet reacted to this video.

Finally, it is also not excluded that this video is simply a fake. From there to say that it could be images made thanks to artificial intelligence? It’s still a bit too early to tell, but better be careful with regard to these images. We should know more in the coming months, if the boss of Tesla decides to give some additional clues about his plans.

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