Tesla’s biggest rival reveals its anti-Tesla Model Y that could hit Europe

A few months after the concept, BYD, the world number 2 in electric cars, finally unveils the production version of its Song L. It is an electric SUV which should notably hunt on the lands of the Tesla Model Y. It should arrive in Europe in the coming months.

Still number 2 in electrics in the world behind Tesla, BYD is determined to take the place of the American brand. For this, the Chinese firm multiplies the novelties and begins to develop well in Europe, with its Han, Tang, Atto 3 and other Seal, Dolphin and Seagull. And it’s not over.

A new compact SUV

A few months ago, the manufacturer announced the imminent arrival of its Seal U on the Old Continent, in order to compete with the Tesla Model Y. But now another model should also hurt Elon Musk’s brand . This is the Song L, which also takes the form of a raised model that was first presented in April as a concept car.

A few months later, here we are faced with the production version, presented during the chengdu living room which has just opened its doors. On his page Weibothe manufacturer, which plans to set up factories in Europe, shows some photos of its Song L, whose lines could remind us of those of the Kia EV6.

The website Car News China tells us that the electric SUV displays generous dimensions, with a length of 4.84 meters for 1.95 meters wide and 1.56 meters high. In profile, the car exudes a certain dynamism, with its sloping roof and its fairly high waistline, while it is shod with large wheels. Note that this newcomer is part of the Dynasty rangesuch as the Han, Tang and Atto 3.

This means that all these models take the name of a great Chinese dynasty, while the Ocean range bears the name of marine animals. We notice that this Song L is equipped with body-integrated handles as well as a mobile fin, in order to improve the Cx (coefficient of drag). But the latter has not been revealed, as well as the driving position.

Several versions

However, we should find a presentation close to the other models in the range, with no doubt a large touch screen that can be rotated in horizontal or vertical position. Anyway, the habitability should be more than correct, since the SUV displays a generous wheelbase of 2.93 meters. The new Song L is based on the e-platform 3.0 already well known and proven by the brand, since unveiled in 2021.

It is available in several versions with one or two motors, and therefore two or four-wheel drive, depending on customer needs. The entry-level variant displays 308 horsepower while the most performance peaks at 510 horsepower. The maximum speed is displayed at 201 km/h, while the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h has not yet been communicated by the brand.

This newcomer will use the Blade LFP (lithium – iron – phosphate) battery designed by the manufacturer. It adopts a CTP (cell-to-pack) technology inaugurated on the Seal, which means that the cells are directly integrated into the chassis. This can cause problems in the event of an accident, even slight. If the manufacturer does not give details, the capacity should remain unchanged, displayed at 82 kWh for a autonomy oscillating between 510 and 570 kilometers.

In this case, charging would be limited to 150 kW, a power that would allow you to go from 30 to 80% in about thirty minutes. It remains to be seen whether bidirectional charging and the heat pump will be on the program. If the new Song L is above all intended for China, it is absolutely not excluded that it also make the journey to Europe over the next few months.

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