Tesla unveils the new Model 3, called Project Highland: here are all the changes

Barely hours after photos of the next update to the Tesla Model 3, dubbed Project Highland, were leaked, Tesla has officially unveiled its highly anticipated restyling.

Tesla says this refresh replaces more than half of the vehicle’s parts

The first thing that jumps out at you about this update is of course the new design, which retains most of the aesthetics of last year’s Model 3, but changes the front to make it sleeker, eliminating the somewhat prominent bulge at the front of last year’s Model 3.

The official photos also show the new Ultra Red color, which replaces the current multi-layer red. However, this color may only be available in Europe. The headlights have also been refined and have a more aggressive look, in line with the general logic of the changes made to the front of the vehicle.

The dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 have changed only slightly. The vehicle is slightly longer and measures 4720 millimeters. It has been reduced a little in height and measures 1441 mm. According to the technical sheet, the ground clearance has been reduced slightly, from 140 mm to 138 mm.

The improvements don’t stop on the exterior. The interior of the vehicle has also undergone major changes, with more screen real estate, including a new rear screen, and increased range. There’s also built-in ambient lighting, a full-length air vent nestled in the center and a revised steering wheel which has dropped the indicators. An even more minimalist mindset has been adopted again, but the quality of interior materials is said to be better than before. Tesla also added more sound-deadening materials throughout the cabin and introduced more acoustic glass, both of which should further prevent rolling noise.

Two smartphone charging pads have been integrated into the center console design, as before, and the 14-speaker audio that fitted the old model has been replaced with 17 speakers. The leatherette upholstery has also been upgraded throughout the cabin and now features perforations in the material; heated and ventilated front seats are now standard.

An improvement in autonomy

Aside from the aesthetic changes, Tesla announced that the restyled Model 3 would have greater autonomy. Indeed, for the SR RWD (Propulsion) version, it is estimated at 553 km in the WLTP cycle, and 678 km in the WLTP cycle for Long Range (LR), both with 18-inch aerodynamic wheels. This represents an improvement of 11-12% over the WLTP ratings for the Model 3 that we have seen so far.

This improvement in range is largely a result of improvements to aerodynamics, with a lower, less rounded front end guiding air around the vehicle more efficiently. This resulted at a drag coefficient of 0.219the lowest ever recorded by Tesla.

Other notable upgrades include Tesla’s new 18-inch Photon and 19-inch Nova wheels, as well as a series of interior changes, such asa new 8-inch rear touchscreenventilated front seats, an improved sound system, and many other changes.

Price and availability of the new Tesla Model 3

The changes are now live on Tesla’s European sites, and therefore in France, where the restyled Model 3 is now available for order. Deliveries will begin in October. However, Tesla has not yet announced the start date for deliveries to other regions of the world.

The price in France is 42,490 euros for the base model, without the ecological bonus of 5,000 to 7,000 euros depending on your income, and 50,990 euros for the long autonomy version. There is no more variation Performance.

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