Tesla: the revolution in its night vision is underway

Tesla is starting to make its latest update 2023.32.4 available, which allows you to display a clearer image from exterior cameras, especially at night.

We often talk about cameras at Tesla. No, we are not going to mention here once again this mysterious front camera of the new Tesla Model 3 which disappeared from the official photos just a few days after the presentation of the car. No, this time we will focus on the cameras that already equip current Teslas. And which should soon be improved remotely to help you in your driving or maneuvering.

In fact, it is in a message posted on X this October 6, 2023 as Tesla explained that the new update improving the image of the rear and side cameras is starting to be rolled out. And seeing the images published on social networks, we must admit that it is impressive.

Much better night image

This is the great advantage of Tesla, and now many other manufacturers are getting involved: the possibility of improving cars via remote updates. Even several years after their purchase. And while often these are “minor fixes” that aren’t necessarily visible to the user, other times the new features can be of great help.

It seems that this is the case with this update 2023.32.4 which is arriving and which significantly improves the quality of the camera. And this can actually be seen very clearly in the image posted by the user of @efieber_andre, whose photo was shared by Tesla on the social network. The Tesla owner speaks of a “game changer”, which could be translated as the fact that this new functionality changes everything.

tesla camera

In comparing the images before and after the update, we can actually see that the old image appears much more saturated, with a red tint and blurring on the edges. We are talking about an image captured at night, with low lighting. But in fact, it seems that in these conditions, the image is indeed now much more convincing. It is sharper, the colors are more natural, and there is no more blur.

No need to be at Hardware 4

If we are still lacking a little information on this update, the good news is that it seems that it is intended for Teslas equipped with Hardware 3. Even if the Teslas which “run” in HW4 are very recent and have a better definition as standard (5 megapixels, compared to 1.2 for HW3), they have also recently benefited from some modifications to the rear camera, but not so much in terms of image quality as in its dimensions. , with a resizing to hide some parts of the car that could appear in the on-screen image.

It now remains to be seen whether the improvement in camera definition will also have an impact in the long-awaited deployment of FSD (Full Self Driving), fully autonomous driving.

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