Tesla starts a clock, as if we were being told to wait for the Model 2

After the whistles and other atypical goodies, Elon Musk’s company now presents the S3XY Time clock.

Tesla, known for its cars and other innovations in the electric automobile sector, regularly surprises with its unusual derivative products. After the whistle and other atypical goodies, beers of course, Elon Musk’s company now presents the clock S3XY Time. With the launch of its new clock, Tesla seems to be subtly suggesting that it’s the perfect way to count down the wait time for their highly anticipated Model 2.

A real digital clock

The clock S3XY Time of Tesla is differentiated by its mode of displaying the time: six glass tubes, containing IPS panels, a very well-known liquid crystal display technology. These tubes are not traditional Nixie tubes, used in some retro devices to display numbers with an orange glow. Instead, Tesla opted for a modern approach using IPS panels.

The clock offers six different watch faces, five of which can be customized by the user. This feature allows users to store two sets of static images and display them on these screens. Personalization is a strong point of this product, allowing everyone to add a personal touch to their clock. In terms of functionality, the clock S3XY Time does not lack assets. It includes the ability to set up to six different alarms, with snooze and pause options. The top of the clear glass base offers a view of the clock’s motherboard, revealing a relatively simple internal design.

For configuration and adjustment, four buttons are available. The time can be set automatically via Wi-Fi connection, simplifying daily use. The clock also displays dynamic screensavers, even supporting audio. In terms of connectivity, a USB-C port is located on the back of the clock, weighing 475 grams. This port is used for both power supply and for installing firmware updates. There is no OTA, like on Tesla vehicles.

For the moment, the Tesla S3XY Time watch is exclusively available in China, sold at a price of 839 yuan, or approximately 107 euros. Tesla has not yet confirmed whether this product will be available internationally.

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