Tesla is preparing for even more impressive records with this new major project

Tesla announces a gigantic expansion project of its Gigafactory in Grünheide, near Berlin in Germany. While today this plant employs around 10,000 people, Tesla is considering an increase in this workforce to 22,500. Added to this, an additional production area that could allow the plant to produce one million vehicles per year. , doubling its current capacity. These ambitious plans will allow Tesla to maintain its formidable lead in the electric car, and continue to break increasingly impressive records.

Tesla announced a colossal expansion plan for its factory in Grünheide, Germany, as part of an information meeting for local residents. Currently, around 10,000 people work in the Brandenburg Gigafactory. However, in the future, this number could increase to 22,500 employees, as reported by the local media. Moz.

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In addition to doubling its staff, Tesla also plans to add an additional production area. With these expansions, the Grünheide plant could produce one million electric cars per year, doubling its current production capacity of 500,000 vehicles. To put that into perspective, VW’s Wolfsburg plant has an annual capacity of around 800,000 vehicles, but only half of that capacity has been used due to delivery issues.

Berlin’s Gigafactory could become Germany’s largest car factory

If these plans come to fruition, the Gigafactory in Berlin would surpass all other car factories in Germany in terms of production. However, this feat will not be without its challenges. Locals have expressed concerns about the plant’s environmental impact, criticizing its encroachment on landscape and drinking water protection areas, planned tree felling and high water consumption. .

The plant expansion will take place in three stages. The first step is to convert and optimize the existing production, and to expand the existing production capacities on the site. Next, a new production hall of nearly 500,000 m² will be built. This structure alone is equivalent to more than 60 football fields. A storage building for raw materials, a storage facility for liquid and hazardous waste, a laboratory for battery cell testing and a recycling point for waste batteries are also planned.

Tesla expects the additional storage capacity to allow the company to better respond to supply chain fluctuations in the future. To increase production to one million vehicles a year, the company will also need a larger skilled workforce, planning to increase its workforce from 11,000 to 22,500.

Production target: 500,000 vehicles per year

Tesla has been manufacturing electric cars in Grünheide for almost a year. More than 11,000 people already work there, producing around 5,000 cars a week, or an extrapolated total of around 250,000 vehicles a year. This is already half of the company’s first production target. With the first phase of expansion, Tesla aims to produce 500,000 cars per year, or about 10,000 vehicles per week.

Tesla_Giga Berlin1

It should be noted that Tesla is currently the undisputed leader in the global market for electric vehicles. In particular, Tesla’s Model Y, which is produced precisely at the Grünheide plant in Berlin, has acquired the enviable title of the best-selling vehicle in Europe, all engines combined. This is also the case in the world, with the title of the best-selling car on the planet.

Alongside the expansion of the Grünheide factory, rumors of a second Gigafactory in Europe continue to fuel the news. Although Tesla has not yet confirmed the location of its installation, France is mentioned as a potential location for this new installation. Opening a second factory on the continent would be further testament to Tesla’s commitment to investing heavily in Europe, where demand for electric vehicles is growing. It would also allow Tesla to diversify its production and get closer to its European customers, which could reduce costs and improve the efficiency of its supply chain.

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