Samochody Tesla Cybertruck już rdzewieję. Wystarczą opady deszczu

Tesla Cybertruck cars are already rusting. Rainfall is enough

In November 2023, Tesla Cybertruck cars were delivered to the first customers. It quickly turned out that they had a serious rust problem.

Everyone has probably heard about Japanese cars, which may have good engines and great suspension, but their bodies can quickly catch rust. If you thought that Mazda or Toyota were weak in this field, Tesla and their new Cybertruck broke all records.

The Cybertruck is picking up rust

The Tesla Cybertruck user forum began to contain entries from concerned drivers whose cars began to suffer from rust. This happened after the vehicle had been left in the rain for two days. What’s worse, one of them (nicknamed Raxar) was supposed to pick up the car only on February 1, so it took only a dozen or so days for the problem to appear.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Another user, this time with the nickname Vertigo3pc, had an identical problem. His car also showed rust after the rain. He took the car to the service center and the service said he could fix the problem.

It is true that Tesla, for an additional fee, offers a special tungsten carbide coating that is supposed to protect the bodywork against corrosion and micro-damage, but it is still shocking that ordinary rainfall is enough for new cars to start rusting.

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