Tesla (again) revolutionizes the fast charging of competing electric cars

Next-generation Tesla Superchargers continue to pop up everywhere. And for the first time, these terminals are equipped with a bank card reader, which some motorists have been able to test. What really revolutionize the fast charging of electric cars.

Launched in 2012, Tesla Superchargers are now very numerous, with more than 35,000 stations worldwide. But the American firm obviously does not want to stop there and continues to develop its network, with the arrival of a new generation.

A handy feature

Known as V4, the latter had started to be talked about during the last year, while its design had leaked on the net. But now these terminals are finally starting to be deployed around the world. In Europe, the first was installed in the Netherlands a little earlier in the year and France has also recently welcomed one.

Our English neighbors are not left out either, since they can also take advantage of V4 Supercharger stations during their travels. The EVA organization, which represents car drivers in the country, was invited by the American brand to test these new charging infrastructures a few days ago and posted a video on Twitter.

looked very simple, as all chargers should be.

—Brenn Clinton (@FutureGhost_Boo) August 25, 2023

The opportunity to see once again what these new terminals look like, which are always open to all electric cars, provided that they are fully compatible. But this video also shows us that these totems have a new feature that should make charging even more convenientas the brand had half shown at the Goodwood festival.

Indeed, the latter are equipped for the very first time at Tesla witha credit card payment terminal. And good news, it works with contactless technology. This makes it easier to start charging, since there is no longer any need to create a Tesla account via your phone.

Soon an obligation

The operation of this terminal is therefore very simple, as shown in the video. This feature should therefore be useful for drivers who do not have no specific subscription or recharge card, especially those who drive an electric car very occasionally. Because you should know that Tesla also offers its own subscription, which allows you to take advantage of preferential charging rates, which vary according to off-peak or peak hours.

These terminals, whose cable has also been lengthened to maximize compatibility with even more electric cars, still have a power of 250 kW. This does not change anything for Tesla drivers, since the latter still have a 400 volt architecture (not 800 volts)which in any case limits the charging power that can be absorbed by the battery.

However, the arrival of payment by credit card on a fast charging station is not really a novelty. Indeed, Ionity has already been equipping its charging points with this feature since the beginning of the year. But that’s not all, because Norway will make the latter compulsory for all operators present on its territory. This will also be the case throughout the European Union in the coming years.

In addition, for all terminals displaying a power of 50 kW or more, motorists must also be able to pay online with a QR Code to scan for example. Brussels also wants to densify the network of charging stations, by requiring the installation of at least one every 60 kilometers on the motorways.

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